January 17th, 2003

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I look better in a kilt than in lederhosen...or do I? Oachkatzlschwoaf.... Not Koteekersteert!

What's your Inner European?

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Oh, of course I am! (Beware of quizilla popups!)

In honor of such, Welcome to Bavaria!
"A most splendid country, brilliantly charming, wealthy in forests, plentiful in wine, rich in iron, gold, silver and purple; the men tall and powerful, but good-natured and hardworking; the land blessed with rivers, with cattle and herds thick as grass; even the mountains are fruitful and ready for pasture; good herbs abound; the woods teem with deer, elk and auerochs, with chamoix and ibex, and game of every kind."
- Bishop Arbeo of Freising, around the 8th century A.D.

I come from Old Bavarian Stock...though I'd like to claim some Franc blood. (I also accept that I have a few Swabian tendencies, but not many... more thrift than understatement.) The Sudatenland Kids...They're too new to be part of my gene pool.

Hmm... Ana Rubin has a job at the local gallery. I should swing by there and see what's up. I bet she's digging the work there. I'd like to see what they're having her do. She's been in town since before Christmas and still haven't had a chance to say howdy.

Speaking of Anas, I noticed that Ms. Voog isn't using the orange she had on her lj for the longest time. What ever happened with sleep station?

Are Hershey's kisses called besos in Spanish too? Hmm.. Nope. "Kisses de Hershey". The Kissmobile is cool, though. Not as cool s the Coolest food-vehicle... The Weinermobile. I'm partial to the 1958 version.

Want to Drive a weinermobile for a living? Wanna Drive the Kissmobile? (You need to be bilingual!)

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scotto monkeypulse

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Burning a candle for my sweetie.... thinking good thoughts. I adore her.

Sappho gave me a nice compliment today... said that I should have a talk show or write full-time. I'd like to...A pity that writing doesn't pay very well, unless you've got a real market for it. You can put together a piece of software or a web page much more rapidly, and get paid more for it.

It's supposed to drop to the 30s tonight, with wind chill! Woo! I may turn on the little box-heater yet!

Something smells really good in here. Something sweet, but clean. What is that?

It was Kitty Day at work... Jinx and Felix are getting big!

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It's hard to photograph black cats in low light! Increasing sharpness makes Newt looks strange, too.
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Start clock - 10:15pm

Random word - scintillate


When I think of the word scintillate, I see stars. That's what twinkling stars in the sky do, because of our atmosphere. When I was younger, I thought distant stars scintillated because they were burning unevenly, like bonfires. I understand now that different thicknesses and movements of our atmosphere causes the effect, and that out in space, they burn with a steady light. That seems sort of less lively. Like Christmas lights that never blink. Still pretty, but so static. I prefer stars that look like little bits of dust, hanging in a sunbeam...turning and varying in brightness from spotlight clarity to nearly invisible.

Sometimes when I look at the sky, I try to spot the satellites... it's pretty easy to pick out a good five or six in an hour on a dark night. They come and go on pretty even schedules... different trends can help you guess what they're about. If they're traveling west to east, (I don't think I've ever seen one traveling east to west... maybe something to do with the way we spin?) it's probably a civilian satellite, and military surveillance usually go north to south (or south to north).

I haven't seen fireflies for what seems like ages. They filled my back yard in Boynton on summer nights, flickering and hanging in space in such a weird way, I was usually stunned into watching them for as long as I could. All sorts of colors... mostly a pale greenish-yellow, but I remember some that were a bright blue and vivid green. I think we got so many because of the nearby canal...Perhaps when next summer comes; I'll spot some in Lauderdale, on the Riverwalk. You could walk through the back yard and be surrounded by them, all blinking at different rates, some flashing rapidly, others just glowing, sitting tight on the leafs of the nearby trees. We didn't often catch them and put them in jars... if we did, they'd only be kept for an hour or two, and then let go before we had to go to bed. I wanted to find out what they ate, so I could have a living night-light in my room.

End clock - 10:20 pm