January 19th, 2003

scotto monkeypulse

I want to burn your thatched roof cottages.

Brother swapped into a mp3 player, and he doesn't even have a computer with a usb port. I guess I'll be his music linker for a while, until he gets a system of his own. (I'll burn his mp3s to multisession cd, so I won't have to waste HD space. I like that it's rechargeable.

I put Red Hot Chili Peppers, Primus, Jimi Hendrix, Concrete Blonde and Smashing Pumpkins in there now... I think he'll dig that mix.

From Essays After Montaigne

Who understand what language birds expresse,
By their owne than beasts-livers knowing lesse,
They may be heard, not hearkned to, I guesse.

I know how to use consummate v's.
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scotto monkeypulse

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Yikes... my cupboard was bare, and I mean *bare*. Bro's been digging into the rations. Back from the grocer, and am fully-stocked again. I picked up some extra, to cover for the extra wandering nibbler.

Girl scouts cornered me, so I was obligated to buy a box of cookies outside of my usual source. (Bonbon at work is well known for having some sort of profit=raising foodstuff sale at most times of the year)

Garlic-veggie burgers on Rye toast with broccoli and cheese and some Cim-nim applesauce for dessert. Yummy-yum.

[update: - bro came over and had a mandarin orange yogurt and some cereal.]
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