January 20th, 2003

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I scolded my brother today. He keeps putting off a meeting that will be ultimately beneficial. I told him that five postponements are too many, and that he should either cancel or just go to the thing. He agreed, and isn't going to back out at the last minute today. I hope that his time spent is productive, and that he's not soured on future meetings (if they're needed). I'm glad that he understands that I wasn't picking on him.

Working today... It seems that about half the people I know are. Maybe that 50-50 percentage is high, but there are lots of federal / teacher / etc folks on that list.

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scotto monkeypulse

can't say as I'm terribly fond of this year so far.

What a nightmare.

I had to get very hard with folks tonight, and I surely don't appreciate having to. I'm coming down off the adrenaline rush, and my hands are shaking, making typing difficult. I am happy that I kept my head and was able to maintain calm and clear thought. I'm thankful that it's finally been dealt with. The first steps have been taken. I foresee this week ahead being quite difficult, but with a good resolution.

In addition, I tripped and fell earlier, the first time I've done that in an age and a half. Scraped the heels of my palms pretty well, banged up a knee, and fortunately my digicam and palmtop are none the worse for wear.
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