January 22nd, 2003

scotto monkeypulse

Root Beer and Macaroons.

I’ve got $20 in my paypal account from the linkies. That's like found money.

I spent $11 of it on a paper journal from Ex Libris Anonymous. I like supporting clever artists, and $11 is cheap for a paper journal made from the cover of an old "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea" Novella. It's not visible on the site, now that I've purchased it, but it's a very keen 1960s style underwater scene of the seaview, flying sub and a few bits of ocean life.

Gollum at the golden globes! Those Shoes! Yeek!

Collapse ) I understand his pain... I remember back in the early 80s when KFC changed the gravy, way back when. it went from something you could savor by eating all by itself to wallpaper paste w/pepper. Natural honey is so good... I remember taking extra packets home with me for use on breakfast toast in the morning.

Newt From Last Night

Hand scrapes are just little red gravel-dots today. The torn skin is mostly sewn up. If I were thinking, I'd have made a photo record of the healing. Much easier to shower today, soapwise. No noticeable side effects of the meds yet.

Well time to wander off to work again, dear journal. Until Later!
scotto monkeypulse

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Here I sit with this tempest in my gizzard, making flotsam of any recognizable stream of thought. Focusing, my thoughts return to order at proper mental cubbyholes like bees to the hive.

The people at Cuss Control Academy want to help you stop talking like a silly-billy, potty-mouthed nincompoop.

Tomorrow, it's expected to drop into the thirties. Hey. This is Fort Lauderdale. Did the Cold Miser slip the Heat Miser a mickey or something? I've got to remember to bring a sweater... That's cold enough for even a big bear like me to seek some heat. I'm glad my apartment will retain good warmth for Newtie while I'm out. I know that he'll be seeking Scotto the Human Space-heater when I get home.

I'm finding myself craving a Zombie tonight.

Newt's purr is like a trilling right now... vrrrrt, vroo...

pente.net is active again! Thanks, annalytical !
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