January 23rd, 2003

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My dreams last night were of my sweetheart and I going on a treasure hunt on the pier near the beach. She was doing really well... had paper-photos of all sorts of things that we were looking for. There are no wooden cigar-store Indians around here, but she got a picture of one. A triceratops, too. She just rocks, is all. I've been wondering about a LiveJournal scavenger hunt. Not sure how to implement it yet... take pictures, and post in a community? Links?

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Inventor of jalapeno lollipops died.

If you collect enough coins produced in the same year, from the same mint, to pay for an international phone call and feed them into a pay phone also produced that same year, your call will be connected to the number you dialed on the same month, day, and hour, but in the aforementioned year. Talk quickly, as the phone burns out in less than a minute (and some explode.)

A judge possessing some intelligence has thrown out the obesity lawsuit against McDonalds. Good show.

Find a young child playing with a stick and buy it from him or her using only copper coinage. Immerse the stick in rainwater then attach two wild bird feathers using a string or thread given to you by a stranger. The stick can then be used to dowse for anything of yours you've lost in the last week, but will only function once.

The American Red Cross is reporting critical blood shortages across the country. January is normally a slow period for them, but this year is worse than normal. If you can donate, please do. They could really use your help right now. Call 1-800-GIVE-LIFE to find a donation center near you.

Trap someone's breath between two mirrors, one backed with mercury, the other with silver. Until the mirrors are parted, or the mercury wears off, that person's words can be dimly sensed by placing the silver-backed mirror to your forehead. If you speak while the mercury-backed side rests under your chin the person whose breath is contained will hear you faintly.

1" scale model Sixties Boy's Bedroom diorama, with hamster. Not terribly different from my room as a kid...his name is Scott, too.

Certain bodiless spirits can perceive the material world through only one segment of the visual spectrum. Different orders of these spirits see through different colors. Persons dressed in the color a spirit can see attract their special attention... while those dressed in black avoid their notice altogether. This explains much about religious garb, but what's Johnny Cash trying to avoid?

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Kev was at a grand jury today, re: the old boss... looks like Wally may be finding himself doing jail time after all... mail fraud, breach of multiple contracts, forgery (of signatures), not to mention buckets of others...

Looks like some folks that were going to bring evidence ducked out at the last minute, for fear that they'd implicate themselves... subpoena time. (Not for Kev... but a couple of others)

Might get more busy where I am at work... new clients, new needs to fulfill. Hopefully it'll be just busy enough,

It's not so cold yet.... about 56F right now. It’s supposed to drop to the 30s tonight, but I've engaged a pre-emptive strike by running the heating-fan. That little thing cranks out a lot of warmth...I figure it's about 70 in here or so. I'm a little worried for folks that aren't used to that sort of cold in Florida, and for the Citrus industry. Newt and I will be quite the toasty-warm boys.

For up to date reference -

I got a little spam at my lj email address. (I'm in good company, though, latraviata and sandstar both got it too.Collapse )

I didn't go to the site, as I was warned by others not to. Bleh! Bah and feh on spammers!

Things happening near here this coming weekend, for those that don't dig the Superbowl - Kansas and Styx in concert. (Also nearby - Scorpions & Whitesnake)