January 24th, 2003

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Someone came knocking on my door at about 7 this morning.. .by the time I got to the door, they were gone, but I heard knocking at the house next door. No flyers or anything. I wonder what that was about?

Too dang cold for walkies this morning. Call me a sissy if you like, by the Temperature reads 35. yikes.

Thinking adoring thoughts for my sweetheart. I want to tuck into bed with her, and spend all day snuggling under the covers, giggling and playing... or just snoozing together.

Hippos Roam Colombian Drug Lord's Abandoned Ranch - yay! Hooray for Thriving Hippos! Collapse )

Bob Graham is thinking about running for president? Hmm... I talked to him in-depth in 1987 as a high school senior. He struck me as quite intelligent and genuine. (He was Florida's Governor at the time.) He really dislikes Castro... it'd be fun to see what would happen with Cuban relations should he somehow win. I don't think he has any ties without the state of Florida as part of the design.

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scotto monkeypulse

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I know I don't have to remind some folks, but....

Smile at someone today & Tell someone you love how you feel.
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I scored a Jornada 430 for just about nothing and ordered part of my sweetheart's valentine's day prezzie, too. Whee! Fun things for everyone! I like getting trinkets of happiness for her... simple smiles are heartwarming. With the Jornada, there might be some color doodles.... or maybe not. It's going to be hard to bypass my happy lil palm visor.

Kitten day at work today... making everyone sleepy by climbing up, and snuggling. Bonus shot of a picture from a smile safari... trying to grab someone grinning with my camera Collapse )

DSL was down for a bit... a phone call to Bellsouth got it up and running again in about 7 minutes. (It'll be down again in my whole city from 2am to about 2:30am. for maintenance)

Real life-cubed. very cool.
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