January 28th, 2003

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Today, barring accidents, I'm going to take a picture of someone smiling again and post it to my journal tonight. Anyone who wishes to join me is encouraged to do so, and to please tell me where I can see it. (Or post it directly in comments.) I think a Meme of Smiles would be a nice one.

Jell-O Death Mask kit. I like this.

Tests of other layouts -

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scotto monkeypulse

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Hint to the guy at the bus station this morning... if you have a can in a paper bag, everyone is going to assume it's a beer.

If it wasn't so wasteful I'd drink non-alcoholic beverages in a cans wrapped in paper bags... break the stereotype!

Lots of hubbub to do at work today... poor Island Boy had to go home...I wouldn't wish his migraines on anyone, so I got to do Certs, as well as deal with three new client projects... looks like I'm going to be pretty busy again now. The Slow period had it's perqs, but I look forward to digging in and working with fresh stuff.

Both Erica And Bailey are smiling. Double shot!

Cool little kid... one blue eye, one brown. The mother had dark skin and bright blue eyes. Fascinating combination.
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The stone of Elagabulus: "When he [Elagabulus] finally came back to Rome with his mother and grandmother, he brought back with him a black stone. This was the cult symbol of the god Elagabalus [or Elagabul]. Herodian describes it as being round at the bottom and coming to a point at the top with lots of spikes sticking out that were supposed to make it look like the sun." Elagabulus is a contender for the title of Weirdest/ Worst Roman Emperor of all time, by the way.

With this idol of an odd eastern god, perhaps Elagabulus' murder at the hands of Roman troops did not prevent the conquest of one quarter of the world's population by a major power, via the vector of the Roman Empire. One wonders where the idol is today... Perhaps the idol of Elagabul waits patiently in some forgotten storeroom, awaiting a 21st century eccentric to provide it with a direction once more.
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