January 29th, 2003

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Nice evening tonight. Brother came by at about 9:30, and we talked and hung out for about three hours. We talked about a lot of things, including our cousin Russell getting married. He's so young! We both remember being on "change his diapers" duty. He's 21 now... unreal. I think he should complete his university time before hitching up, but I imagine he'll be a happy husband. He's been seeing the girl next door to him for an age now... classic romance. It was nice talking in depth. I've convinced him to read Red Dragon.

Drowsy now... and I never did get to supper... just a skip now, I guess. Make up for it with a healthy breakfast tomorrow.

Night night, dear journal.
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scotto piercing gaze superhero

Sometimes I Think I'm one of the men in black....usually I realize I'm an alien pod.

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Accessories made from Cane Toad (Bufo marinus) skins. It seems that Queensland is up to the tush in Cane Toads since they are a non-native species with no natural local predators. Furthermore, they are poisonous. Anyhow, the Australian government spends a lot of money killing them and there are a lot of dead Cane Toads around to inspire entrepreneurs. Just the thing for the stylin' Tsathoggua cultist.

Weirdness spiders are back and running! Urban legends and skeptics returned a lot this morning.
The "hot sheets" - Always to be viewed with a healthy dose of logical thought. Not that there are no links to the "Weekly World News" Or "National Enquirer"
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Tom out front Gave my Bro a palm VII, and me an office jet 6110, since he got a new printer and palm. The guy must be loaded. My main concern is making sure that the bro doesn't use any of the online stuff with the palm until we've gone through the manual and keep everything on the freebie level. (I don't want Tom or the bro to get billed for our experiments.) All the manuals and boxes and software, too. Good deal!

Not bad, considering my only complaint is "Where do I put this thing?" Newt loves the new box in the house.

Bro also gave me my birthday present early... I wasn't expecting one at all. It was a wooden box with a quilted star design on top. Like this, only with dark wood around the edges., and dark joints. It's the one in the center.

My Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea paper journal arrived today. It's very keen...better than I'd hoped. So nice, in fact, I think I'll give it to Kev as a present. I know that he'll appreciate it more than I will, with the goofy end-papers inside. Ex Libris Anonymous has a few really cool ones there... I'll probably get another for myself and maybe for my sweetie, too.

Island Boy was out of work again today, but bearing his load wasn't so rough. Sappho did the video files, which is what I really dislike, though for no real reason, since I repaired the "fix by hand" aspect programatically.
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