January 31st, 2003

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Last Day of January... Seemed slow at the time, but now I wonder where it went. Tomorrow is the new moon, which means it's also the Chinese New Year. Water Goat. (Is Goat or Sheep more popular?) Speaking of which - Hee... Just switch to Linux "I'm Steve, and I'm a Supervillian". Orbiting brain-lasers & Genetically engineered cyber-goats, indeed.

Instant Kama sutra, anyone? (Probably not safe for work) Or just "fun with shadow puppets" Personally, I think it's more likely to be considered appropriate than a guy dressing up as a girl bunny with a vinyl fetish, but whatever floats your boat.

Literary Joke of the day...

Charles Dickens walks into a bar, orders a martini. Bartender says, "Olive or Twist?"

Got the Jornada to work and do its thing, but I really should get a serial to usb cable for convenience's sake. Too many plugs in my machine! With usb, I can at least "hub out" to more devices, or plug and unplug in a more civil manner. (Plus, my laptop doesn't have a small serial port on it.)

Surprising response to the poll. More people answered it than I expected.

CALCUTTA, India (AP) -- Police arrested a man carrying 100 human skulls in a bag in the eastern Indian state of West Bengal, a newspaper reported Thursday.

"Hey Sangey! Got a job yet?"
"You bet, Bob! I sell ceremonial skulls to monks over in Sikkim!"
"Great! See you at the Pancake Breakfast next Saturday?"
"Dern Tootin'!"
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Hooray for Presents!

On the pleasant surprise side of today -

Sappho got me all sorts of cool goodies for my birthday!

In a Dragon Tales Bag, to boot!

Hmm... Charles Kuralt says something strangely appropriate.

There is a rhyme by Clarence Day which says what I want to say. "Farewell my friends, farewell and hail, I’m off to seek the Holy Grail. I cannot tell you why. Remember, please, when I am gone, ‘twas aspiration led me on. Tiddly widdly, tootle-lou, all I want is to stay with you. But here I go."


Oddly prophetic synchronicity, there. Goodbye, January. Goodbye Year of the Horse... Goodbye, Moon. Goodbye to much of what is behind us now.

Hello to the New!