February 4th, 2003

scotto monkeypulse

Actual Music is Video by India Arie

Fuzzy dreams of a trip along a winding mountain road. It seemed that the trip was as fun as the destination, but I don't recall where we were going. Woke up to Newt dropping a rubber lizard on my forehead this morning. He's not a big one for fetching them, though...he'll hockey it around over the floor, and then walk away when he's done with it. He didn't bring it back for me to toss again, but did return to bed for snuggles.

my hair hangs mid-back
enticing thoughts of her touch
fingers intertwined

Neato Irish Curse Generator.

English: May an infectious disease gnaw at your secret bower.
Irish: Go gcreime galar tógálach do ghrianán rúnda.
Phonetic: guh GREH-muh GAH-luhr TOE-gah-luhkh duh GHREE-uh-nawn ROON-duh.

The Super Zaxxon World Record has been broken. So has he been anywhere since 1983? How will he adapt to his new world and surroundings? Will he need to be reconditioned, and slowly released into our new society, or is he doomed to live life in a special enclosed environment for his own safety?

Random Scotto (& his Bro) Factoid: We both frequently shock people with a level of amiability and politeness. I think that's one of the better qualities passed on to us via our parents.

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scotto monkeypulse

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Thank You latraviata for the lovely handmade card, and duchess_webb for the swell e-card!

Today at work...the normal camera overdose.

Mirror-cam... cropped and sharpened... may need to be reshot. I look better in fabio-mode...plus, I mighty tired.
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Calling Mike-o back tonight once he returns from Coral Springs. He's got something lined up for me that looks good. Tuan's over where Mike is, too. (Jesus - "Hay-Zeus" was also there, but I hear his temper got him toasted.) It'd be fun to play pygmy dart death hunt and visit with them again.

Dropped photo challenge. it's not what I was looking for in the community.

Arranged for part two of operation "Valentine Goodness" for my sweetie to be timed right. :)
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