February 6th, 2003

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I've got lovey thoughts on my mind... the music, and thinking about my sweetheart brings me joy. Feeling extra-bonus mushy this morning. She is truly a permanent resident in my heart.

$25 check in the mail from Grammy and Ted, along with my phone/internet bill. D'oh.

Anarchists and the fine art of torture
"A Spanish art historian has uncovered what was alleged to be the first use of modern art as a deliberate form of torture, with the discovery that mind-bending prison cells were built by anarchist artists 65 years ago during the country's bloody civil war."

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Oh, this is going to cause some problems with a lot of the teeny-bopper million-post per day situation, and some of the folks that run a news-style I think limiting the number of comments is a much worse idea than posts per day. I may have to buy the menstrualhut a paid account, just so it can have more than 3 -5 posts a day. (Yesterday it had six posts.)

In other News, there's a community management page now. If you're in charge of a community, the interface is much simpler to deal with. Thank goodness!

Dear Little Newton, My favorite orange quadruped:
When I'm cleaning out your litter box, and replacing the sand... please wait until all of the sand is poured before jumping in and doing your business. I know a clean potty is nice, but it's only two more minutes, tops... I promise.

I took a quick palm-snap of a birthday card while the room was post-shower steamy.
Cool Birthday Card From Latraviata

I swear that it seems like on some days I only see some of the entries of folks I read. I just caught bohemianqueenBQ's lovely birthday wish today.
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scotto monkeypulse

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What was sundered and undone
Shall be whole the two made one
By gelfling hand or else by none.

If the post limit does affect communities, I'm debating asking members of the menstrualhut for donations to make it paid. I think that the solution is to buy it a few months' membership, and then post a "In order to serve you better and guarantee more than five posts a day we have a paid account now... if you'd like to help, feel free to put $$ in the paypal kitty" sort of post on the bio page. I don't know though... the fee isn't too steep.
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Networked with some possible prospects today... I've got a good feeling about it. Something really local would be fun. Walking to a gig is nice.
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Via zoe- want an easy twenty bucks?
Here, let me link you to how.... you can claim twenty bucks from the industry that has fixed the prices on every stinkin' cd you buy. Its a forty five million dollar settlement that forces the Record Companies to pay up to every single consumer in the US. Har.

Its completely legitimate and 43 State Attorneys were involved in the Class Action Lawsuit. It’s binding. And the labels have to pay up.

Claim your money, if you are in the US (sorry my Canadian buddies), my little peanuts. Tell em Zoe sent ya!

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Speaking of Zoe, There are a lot of folks posting with less frequency lately, at least in public forums. Haven't seen any number of who used to be regular posting-folk in a little while now. Perhaps this is just a private time for them.

Chandlerisms. Raymond Chandler is a master. I finished Farewell, My Lovely not too long ago. Full of great lines... What's not to like about Philip Marlowe? I don't like Elliott Gould as his voice... If getting Chandler's stuff in audio, seek out the Old time radio versions with Dick Powell on Kazaa Lite.
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