February 7th, 2003

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Micrographia iterum examines objects of assorted sizes under a 30x microscope, then records them with the latest in Pencam technology. The result is a nifty photo, made even moreso by his discussion underneath. It's as if he was shrunken to the size of a bumblebee and went on to make insightful commentary about everything he saw. Another reason to dig the Internet.

I want to see chain shot used in a pirate movie. Ever since I was a kid playing Wooden Ships and Iron Men... um, on researching... *they made a computer version*!! Holy Guacamole! A free BSD version for multiplayer internet...Just as well, as the other version was published in '95/96... I imagine the game play suffered.

The Snapple web site has a collection of what they call "facts", though "factoids" sometimes seems more accurate. #96 states that the average American will eat 35,000 cookies during his/her lifetime. Hmm... Assuming that the average American lives to be 80...that's 437.5 cookies a year... or 1.20 (give or take a little) per day. If you include tiny little Girl Scout cookies into that equation, I'm not sure if I'm ahead of or behind the curve. I certainly try to catch up when girl scouts are selling thin mints.

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More and more squirrels are becoming visible. Temperature? Season? Where are the baby squirrels? I saw at least six adults in the trees today.

An article featuring comments by the chairman of the Pentagon's Policy Advisory Board. I'm not fond of the leaders of France and Germany myself these days, but this guy's piehole deserves to be shut. When he angrily accuses German Chancellor Schroeder of "attempting to incite pacifism," well, there’s a flaw in the discourse.

This morning woke me slowly, but extra early. Thinking about braiding my hair and tying it with a ribbon like our founding fathers, but I don't have a good tri-cornered hat to complete the look, and I don't want the side-curls.

I think the plan for posting limits won't hit communities, as the current theory is that posts to communities are taken from the poster's pool of available units, not the community's. Thank goodness!

Thinking happy snow thoughts for folks rather than the icky side of the white stuff. 4"-8" in areas where there's rarely any!
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scotto monkeypulse

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I crave falafel... falafel for two, with my sweetheart.

Getting crazy-man responses to my feelers and faxes on my voice mail, now that I'm home.. That's a good, good thing. I have a few calls to make tomorrow regarding some prospects that might be quite nearby.

Saw my brother tonight for the first time in a couple of days... He had some trouble, but is back on track again.

Pictures -
From last Sunday, when I was out to breakfast:
Note from my brother...from last Sunday. Happy Birthday! Scott! (balloons & confetti), Love Derek. P.S. I'll talk to you later, just stopped by to say hello. You must be cruzin' around. I'll catch up with you tonight. Love you, Derek.

This morning at the bus stop:
Hooray for reading! She had a cool shirt on, with scalloped sleeves... not the best pose there, but fun.

Whee! Live controllable Monkey Cam! Fun thing is that it's in Japan... daylight there, while nighttime here.