February 8th, 2003

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Jasmine tea and a good book this morning after playing with the Newtster. This would go good with a muffin. A pity there are no muffins nearby.

I wrote my dreams down right as I woke up, but it's very choppy. Sweetheart and I have to go to some school basketball game at 5:30 am...My brother can't go because he did something to the student council. It's very cold outside, so we're bundled in sweaters and wrapped in a shared blanket, happily dozing. There's a vendor serving hot applesauce in ice-cream cones. Our team won, but some of the opposing players were physically hurt as a result... lots of fouls committed.

Regarding the history of war between Muslims and Christians. The coming war may not be specifically to beat back invasion, but it is kin to the battles that Vlad the impaler commanded, thus making our current plans something that Dracula might approve of. (At the time of this writing, it is unknown where the werewolves stand. I won't presume that mummies are sympathetic to Saddam)

I didn't realize that all seven astronauts on Columbia were of different faiths; this BeliefNet reportage does a lovely job with that.

Way cool gizmos... and a scary one and a neat start for invisibility

Random Scotto Factoid: Jackson Pollock does nothing for me. Even his early works don't strike a chord, at all.

Random Weather Factoid - Oooh! Where'd all that sweet-smelling rain come from?
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scotto piercing gaze superhero

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The little wireline modem for my palm works like a charm. I need a trillian for it, now! (I notice msn messenger isn't the best on the palmtop, preferring pocket pc's... though icq, aol and yahoo are all available. for the palmtop free and easy to install. I've tested aim, and it works well.) Unfortunately, yahoo mail isn't POP, so I'll have to resort to picking it up via the blazer browser (came free with the modem!) and plinkit! is very nifty. Nice if I want to do some light surfing, check Lj, or just don't want to carry my laptop around.

Some other teeny-tiny portals for the palm - (viewable on regular browsers, too)

My only real concern is that the modem requires an additional two AAA batteries in the back... and there's no power meter. I'm going to have to gauge how long the rechargeables last in there.

frodo gave his finger for you

I should recommend this for Sappho & Riker, for the "ventures outside of cell phone use areas" parts of their trips.

Nothing much changes. Here, from Google's archives, are the top searches of 1895: