February 11th, 2003

scotto monkeypulse

2/11/03 7:58 am bus stop update

Interview gear:

Black Birkenstock shoes
Black socks
Black slacks
Khaki polo shirt
Maroon hair tie

I think that I look pretty nice. Everything fits well and looks sharp. Goatee is neatly trimmed. I'm a little worried that the bus is late. If I don't see one soon, I'll get a cab to the station.

10:31 am supplemental
MmmM... Coffees of the world. So many beans! I was feeling like a bug in an hourglass, and those were grains of sand.I ended up taking a cab the whole route, and made it with 15 minutes to spare. It went reasonably well... The company is much smaller than I'd expected. Lots of fresh faces and stress seems minimal. John said that my odds look good. It's still early yet, and better prospects lie ahead. Following up on four other gigs tomorrow. One phone review, one morning meeting, two callbacks.

The interview lasted about an hour and fifteen, so from there I hoofed it to the Barnie's to get an iced chai, and listen to Dean Martin sing Italian love songs for a while before going in to work.

Slow morning for them. Only three other customers since I've been here. I have not been here since maybe '00. I've taken a couple of dates here... Rachel, April, Pam Potter. Nice, because the proximity to the movie theater. Best post movies- Dark City, Final Destination, The Mask.

Three more folks have come in… All in professional gear. Even for work, some women wear such high heels!

Time for me to head out...back later.

Bus contemplation -

plan- get to work early, call Nordis 10.30, then go to discover, return to work, change, call doc, call v-pak, call business as usual.
Feelings today: sleepy old man on the bus

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  • calm

  • love struck

  • soothed

  • need to use the facilities

  • peeved

  • curious

  • weary

  • refreshed

  • hair tie too tight

  • crowded

  • smart

  • diplomatic

  • full

  • in need of a toothbrush

  • anxious

  • sober

  • amused

  • in need of a magical mute button

  • disconnected

  • sane

  • surrounded

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scotto monkeypulse

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Subaru says that its new Baja is the World's First Multiple Choice Vehicle, but it sure looks an awful lot like an old Dodge Rampage to me.

I should know: I walked by one every day on my way to school.

In the Eighties.

I mean, doesn't the Dodge Rampage* fit the "Part Car. Part Truck. All Choice." moniker?

If I ever find out who is responsible for civilization returning to the late seventies / early eighties, I'll remind them what happened next.

Fluorescent yellow and green outfits.

* see also the Chevrolet El Camino and Ford Ranchero (the oldest of the bunch, apparently).

No Island Boy at work today, Sappho took off early for the chiro. Wearisome day, hopefully a productive day. Tomorrow is going to be 2nd verse, same as the first.

Things I'm glad to have; not an all-inclusive list, but a good one.

  • Love

  • Hope

  • Smarts

  • Chutzpah

  • Health

G'night, dear journal.
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