February 13th, 2003

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Minor annoyances... brother bugged me twice last night to use my phone... once when I was on the phone with Dan, and the second time when I was just falling asleep. Just plain rude. I was jarred awake a few times this morning by who knows what. I'm officially up now. Bah... I was hoping for a good night's rest. I guess there's tonight.

Web pages that change the size of my browser without asking first lick goat-dung.

I just played damage control for Dan's Wife... she spread the jdbgmgr.exe file hoax... Luckily, I think I'm the only programmer-type in their address book. It is so important to fact-check on the net. She knows better now.

I need to call an Wish Aunt Val a happy birthday!

For reference down the line-

U.S. Gas Prices
Lowest Price: $1.13 Carrolton, GA
Highest Price: $2.29 Mill Valley, CA
Nat'l Average $1.63

via mskaren911 - Vote for the Florida Quarter

There are a couple of good designs. I'm torn between "The Everglades" and "Gateway to Discovery".
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    A Newt Sneeze just now. What's he into?
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Can't stay cranky for long with cutie Newtie running around, wanting to play fetch.
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Newtie Yawn

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Newt's ability for problem solving impresses me quite a bit. If he wants something badly enough, there's a way for him to get it. He has a strong awareness of 3d space and what can and can't be moved. Rearranging furniture and the general "terrain" in the apartment causes him to remap everything by running over and testing comfort zones. It entertains me quite a bit, watching him hop on a chair or scout around same just to get a knack for what's there. He seems to like to hang around the "new" object even if all that's happened is a change in facing.

I'd be fascinated to know just what his thought processes are.

Well, off to work. Until later, dear journal.
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Got a nice email from my sweetie in the middle of the day today. She makes everything brighter by the brush of her hand.

Tomorrow's is the moment of truth. I'm heading to Coral Springs tomorrow before work for the walkthrough of the new company.

If I don' t get any bad vibes, I'm in. So far, so good... they want me pretty badly. It's nice to have it be my call.

Mike, Gloria and Tuan all work there and seem to get on pretty well, same goes for John Irving.

Pictures from today:

Bus station... nobody got on the same bus as I did at the station this morning... weird after the usual crowds. You can see that the benches were empty, even before the 60 arrived.

Police substation at the Bus stop... playing with filters to make it look niftier. Meh, a little embossed.

Forklift and pallets outside the warehouse. a load of paper came in all crunched...while Sappho took photos of the damage, I opted to peek at the lift. Big keg on the back is the natural gas it runs on.

Whoops! Forgot to hit post. I'm all showered now.

Bro signed a piece of paper with the landlord for amount owed larger than it should be. I'm glad my brother saves his receipts. (I'd be gladder if he paid his rent on time). The landlord is good about changing his tune when confronted with signed pieces of paper that states he already was paid. The ll caught my brother off-guard and half-asleep.

Wow! All this time I thought The Space Giants</b> was just a fever dream.

See, there was this gold guy and he was named Goldar</b> and he was married to Silvar</b> and he fought really dumb looking monsters</b>.

No, really! And the lightning bolts</b>! And this weird old guy</b>! And there was this weird evil guy</b>, and the robots could turn into rockets</b>! (More pictures here)

Wait, where are you going? Come back! Ah well, I should curl up and read some non-glowing text. G'night, dear journal.
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