February 20th, 2003

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Well, I'm still at the old job, until the maybe-new job decides if there’s a place for me. I'm very fortunate that the old regime is as understanding as it is.

Still waiting on a callback from the maybe-new place. I left another voicemail there at about 4pm, with my phone number as a friendly reminder. I'll leave 'em alone tomorrow, and get back on following them up on Friday.

Sappho's off for vacation starting tomorrow, so things will be hopping there for the next week or two.

Semagic seems to be dead, so post-mcpost from the web it is.

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Brother's going on a job interview himself today. I hope he does well. (he had to get cash fronted to turn his power back on)

Yikes... buying new clothes and meds in the same week put a bit of a dent in my weekly budget...I'm glad that Friday is payday.

Newt's as cute as can be this morning.... He batted at me on the other side of the shower curtain, unafraid of the counter-bats and rain-sounds.

Thinking about my sweetheart, and feeling good.

Jon Stewart is coming here on the 28th... I know a lot of folks that'd like to see him. I wonder how good he is on stage.
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Extra long work day today... pesky Pablo didn't get a 5-hour print job to me until 4:30. He's fortunate I was still sticking around... I don't see Kev or Island boy staying late for that trivial a task.

Hot shower, mighty and strong. I love to get times when nobody's used any hot water in the complex for like 7 hours. Scaldy-good! I can feel layers of my tough, rhino-like exterior dropping off, leaving only the soft pink baby skin. Perfect pre-bed prep.

LJ still seems a little horked. I've posted info on my dj and blurty, just in case folks there don't know about status.livejournal.org

I wonder if they've figured out the culprit yet?

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Tonight, I've discovered that Newt likes green onion cornbread as much as I do...which is "Yum! Gimme Some!"