February 27th, 2003

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The doctor went well. Not going to need surgery just this yet. Positive mending without it, going to work that angle some more. Note to self; keep the 9am appointments… no slow downs ahead of you. This morning was a beautiful one for a walk. I need to fall back into the habit of doing the morning crawl... it's generally a pleasure to go roaming around and taking in the sights and sounds.

Newt was very pleased to see me return home so quickly... I think he was expecting a good 10-hour span without me here. But, I need to head out to the Pharmacy to get my 'scrips refilled. Celebrex is a delight. No cotton-head, no bad back. Keeno

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I'm going to have some commentary on a few of those links tonight, methinks.

Have a swell day, dear journal. Don't take any wooden nickels.
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Fred Rogers has passed away, and I'm one of the many folks will miss him greatly.

His was the first sand table I'd ever seen. Got me into gaming, really.

Newton came close to being named Daniel.

Rogers was an ordained Presbyterian minister with a vast pulpit. His show became his ministry. His credo: "The ability to love and be loved is the most important thing in life."

His teachings show how to deal with emotions such as anger or fear and how to tell the difference between make-believe and the real world. Other skills covered include self-esteem, self-control, imagination, creativity, cooperation, tolerance, patience and curiosity about the world. Even dealing with grief.

For what Mister Rogers has given us, (and through reruns and folks he's taught passing things on, continue to do so) I am grateful. I honestly think that I'm a better person for having him as a teacher.

Thanks, Fred.

Children and adults who would like to share their messages, pictures, photographs, or drawings with the cast and staff of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood or with the Rogers family may send them to the office:

Family Communications, Inc.
4802 Fifth Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

There's also a place on the PBS Kids website where you or your children can share your thoughts about Fred Rogers at http://pbskids.org/rogers/all_ages/yourturn3.htm
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Eckerd's is very irresponsible in regards to my 'scrips... first they forgot that I had insurance, and wanted to charge me $400-some for my meds. I corrected them quickly on that. Next, I can't refill Celebrex until 3/03/03... okay, I can wait... plenty left over until next week. Finally one of my scrips is 4x the mg its supposed to be. Bah. I have to bring that back tomorrow. Quality control is at a big big low.

In happier news, I colored in the octopus.

http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0SwAAAK0XjJhUQeBQtZPuRtU6s3QsawwxlsNbhPr3Co8QAZn8mrWD4uZV1tPFctQ2D8R044wBpSftxvZi1fldOIyBc0cdArxy2HbzjF2D2ABiRJ7ljQIJEA/octo1.gifOcto with palm-green rather than forced black and whites.