March 11th, 2003

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Aww... got to play with the baby before I took my shower this morning. He followed me into the tub, but this time, instead of going behind the curtain, where it's safe and dry, he balled up at the end of the tub. Who can resist playing with a marmalade-colored kitty that's being so sweet? So, much horseplay commenced.

I wonder if he's gaining weight, or maybe it's just him spreading on the flat tub bottom?

Newt in the tub, before my shower.

Little Newton-Cat
Whirling striped dervish leaps up
Dancing like a fool

Well, off to pee in a cup. Later on, Dear journal.
scotto monkeypulse

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Well, Peeing in the cup went well enough. There was a cup. I peed in it. Not much to say there. I did see Jim Woodward or the old Atari computer club at the test center... not much to say, just pleasantries. He was looking for a gig as a manager trainee at Subway. Haven't seen him since '89 or so. The years have not been kind.... I'd guess that he's 40, but he looks perhaps 50. It got gray and rainy midday. You can tell by looking at the sky in the pictures from today below. The pictures were all taken along the walk from commercial and 441 to Quest Diagnostics, the place that wanted my urine.

Arabic Neon with a sign reading open underneath. I think it was some sort of bakery?

Golden Dawn? Think that the Members are OTO?

Guns and pawn... with a happy clown on a yellow truck. Flat tires make the truck a billboard, rather than a freight aide.

From when I was waiting for the bus, earlier today -

Quest Diagnostics
4467 n state road 7
bus 55 to commercial
get off at 441
left to first light
plaza on right

It's rather educational to stand at a bus stop near a busy intersection, watching all the cars go by... glimpsing the passengers' faces, especially when they slow to a stop sign. There are so many visages of grim determination. When I see someone bopping to music, there is a little burst of joy in my heart. I like to see folks having a good time. I'm happy that those I care for most are the car-singing sort.
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