March 12th, 2003

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Argh! Mucho spam after posting my resume to a few job sites. No, I don't want to get rich quick selling bogus real estate. No, I don't want to be a part of a pyramid scam (or multi-level marketing, if you prefer) I don't want to sell life insurance. Don't pretend to offer me a job selling life insurance in order to get me to buy life insurance. I don't want to sell *ANYTHING*. I don't want to buy *ANYTHING*. I want to use the skills that I have to make the world a better place, and to turn a profit while doing so, preferably.

So many scammers out there. So many dirtbags.

Ah well, nature of the beast. I have a gig coming up, it'll keep the rain off my head, help people in need, and give me the opportunity to use my abilities in a productive way. I'll also have time to seek other opportunities in the meantime.

Troublesome dreams last night. I didn't like 'em one bit. Very unhappy things.

Today is a new day, and that sad stuff can stay purged from my system in a private entry.

Off to the salt mines, dear journal. Don't forget to smile at the passing cars.
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Barbed wire by the fire department.

3/12/03 11:51 am
took a slow walk in the sun to the station... It is mighty warm out today.

Wandered an alternate route...along back roads. Note to self, bring the good camera for shots to submit to urban decay community. Especially behind the parking garage on 3rd and 2nd. Building with all paint peeling.

3/12/03 8:11 pm
Waiting for the ride home... A pity the palm cam takes such poor low light pictures. Some interesting points of view can be had via such a thin device. Best shots are taken of front-lit subjects.

3/12/03 8:22 pm
The bus reeks of ammonia (urine?) and fish. I can't pick out a culprit, if there is a single source. Best guess is the scruffy-looking guy near the front, but there are folks sitting next to him, despite the aroma. The guy is wearing a greasy baseball cap and bandana combo over heavily matted dreadlocks. The shirt looks clean enough, though. Judging by the filthy pants and backpack, the shirt must be a new acquisition.

3/12/03 8:34 pm
dirty guy off the bus... The scent remains. I hope I don't smell this way by the time I get home! Either way, a scalding shower is in order once I get home. I'm not sure how the driver tolerates it. I *do* know it is not on my seat.

3/12/03 8:41 pm
scent fading or nose adapting. Hard to determine. How does Daredevil cope with all the stink of Manhattan? It'd be nice to be able to fine-tune senses to focus/ignore what's wanted.
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Spring Break is starting.

Pasty-skinned young adults with a penchant for beer and the beginnings of a sunburn are slowly beginning to populate my city. It will get thicker, until after Easter.

Los Olas is going to be hopping, even if it's not the big spot anymore. (Daytona and such are still the big places, I think. not the Strip like in the 80s and before)

First year I've actually *lived* so close. It should be interesting to see what, if any, changes take place.

Fresh from my hot shower, no stinky scent on my person or clothes. Thank goodness.