March 13th, 2003

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Nordis guy finally writes back after my leaving a months worth of calls on his voicemail, a few emails and a borrowed rain of toads from the local houngan priest. He responded at last with -
Sorry I haven't been able to get back with you but I have been out of the office quite a bit over the last couple of weeks. The budget was finalized yesterday and I am under a hiring freeze in DP for at least the next 6 months. I will keep you in mind and call you if anything changes. Sorry I couldn't do more at this time.
Well, I'm glad I kept looking and found something elsewhere. If I get offered a gig there in six months I'll certainly take it, unless something better rolls by in the meantime. I have been soured by the company, though... never hurts to keep options open, however.

Brother's back's been bothering him again lately. If I have to take him to the doctor myself, I will.
scotto piercing gaze superhero

The Head of Baphomet is not the animate remains of a son of Yog Sothoh.

Yahoo mail has been terribly slow these last two days. I hope that whatever is causing the sluggishness gets ironed out quickly.

We got Sappho and Kev's machine's set up for the LAN party... it looks like Unreal Tournament and Monster Truck Madness at the moment. I think Riker is going to be the one to beat, as he's the guy with the UT training there. I hope we get to play some capture the flag and team action, though free-for-all is a lot of fun, too.

Newt in a fit of spaz-running decided to kick over his bowl of foodies... the spray was beautiful. the bits practically hung in the air for a second. I would love to have gotten one of those gap commercial style "computer generated orbit the stuff stuck in space" shots of it.

I'm going to take the good camera with me today and try to get some urban decay shots on the way to work.

I should get hopping if I want to take a little time to do so. Until later, dear journal.
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Ah, today is a good day.

I may have a programming job at Bellsouth. That’d be great…a career with something of a future.

Got danigoldenDG's package in the mail...made good time! Sent on the 11th. Cool Robot and tooth stickers on the outside.

My birthday / victory CD
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Added bonus stuff-

  • A Korean(?) scotch-brite anti-bacterial scrubbing sponge

  • Very groovy Spanish apple stickers, suitable for grading papers. including Fantastico, bravo, fabuloso, sensacional, bien hecho and esta bien.

  • a "Scotto rules" hospital-bar bracelet, in blue

  • a winner medal and red white and blue ribbon!

  • nifty-keeno spongebob in his krusty krabs uniform, including spatula and krabby patty

  • three toy airplanes of the cardboard variety with legends of peace and doves and a cow.)

  • a row of rainbow circle Jesus-fish stickers

  • a fistful of laffy taffy cherry and strawberry

  • 2 lemon/chili powders

  • a happy-face noisemaker clapper thingie (Newt is non-afraid, nor drawn to the sound.)

  • many shiny kindergarten stars of assorted colors... silver, gold, green, blue and red.

  • and a swell valentine in old-school style with a little girl in a cauldron "I’m in a stew over you! (Hooray! Cannibal Valentines!)

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while waiting /on the bus

3/13/03 8:12 pm
fluffy thick clouds in the dark high above, filled with sparks of bright blue-white light flashing like living veins, circled like frontier wagons around a clear spot containing the moon directly above.

It's like being in the eye of a hurricane, without any rain scent or prevailing winds beforehand. Patches of sky to the north are pink, not sure if it's reflected sunlight or bouncing from the city.

3/13/03 8:28 pm
my mind has a mariachi band playing inside, sans the vocals.

3/13/03 8:30 pm
quick head count-front to back

  • white male, mid-late 40s

passengers -

  • black woman upper 20s professionally dressed on cellular phone

  • black woman low 20s casually dressed talking in ASL with

  • black man 18ish in striped polo shirt

  • Hispanic man mid 30s sleeping, dry cleaners uniform

  • myself

  • black middle-aged mother with 12ish child, both eating vanilla pudding snacks in casual wear

  • older white 50s? In headphones and sullen face

  • black teen in wifebeater and neck scar tapping foot to an internal beat

back row-

  • four rowdy, dusky teens discussing something happily in an unknown Slavic tongue... Russian ?

total -15
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