March 14th, 2003

Kind lady

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This morning, my mind is filled with thoughts of her. Not content to reside in my heart and bring me joy in that way, my thinking surrounds her, as she swims through my thoughts like a mermaid in a clear blue lagoon. She gives me fever.

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Kind lady

(no subject)

Just chillin’ tonight. Got the unreal server working... played Kev & the Finn briefly, and also Riker and Sappho briefly, too. Riker's the one to beat.

Rockford files are on, and I'm relaxin' with the little orange mess-maker. I've got some salt-vinegar chips on the way; bro is making a 7-11 run. He had a good day at work, and he seems to really be on top of his game. It'd be just perfecto if my sweetie was curled up with me, and all the fur-kids were near and content, too.

Got a lot of positive comments about the pictures in urban decay, and in my own journal, too. I want a yucca/joshua tree like the one near the fire station.

Since 9/1/2002, I've gained 49 readers and lost 45. (not all 45 are members of that list of 49) I've had a pretty constant number of readers for the last 2 years and some odd months.