March 25th, 2003

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Slight tickle in my throat since last night. Might be the beginning of something sicky, or my body may shrug it off. Still too early to tell, but my voice is a fragment more gravelly.

Random betty crocker factoid - if you make the brownies without adding the eggs, you get an amorphous brown solid... with more consistency than hot fudge, but less than cold fudge. You can freeze it, and it'll hold itself to the shape of the plate or pan stored in, but if you take it back out, it becomes a chocolate-based grout, not unlike silly putty.

Hot, it goes well over ice cream. Cold, it's a very flexible, chewy cookie that will slowly turn to ooze if you take too long in eating it.

Quite tasty, in any event..
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Ooh... gig at the Attorney's Office, possibly. That looks about as keen as the one at Starmark. Government gig... I'm fascinated. I wonder what applications they need and want?

"This position requires an experienced PC or Mainframe programmer with knowledge of and experience in relational databases, as well as Visual Studio®, Visual Basic®, and C++®. Knowledge of Web applications is a plus.

Looking for a highly motivated and organized self-starter who accepts challenges, can maintain stability of performance under stressful conditions and time constraints, and requires minimal supervision. The position requires an individual who is receptive, adaptable and reliable and a team worker who possesses well-developed problem-solving skills and who can produce timely results with multiple work assignments.

Applicant will be subject to a thorough background investigation and, if an offer is accepted, will be required to submit to a Polygraph Examination. "

Yup, that's me! I wonder how stressful?

"Get this program up and running... there's a man on death row who had a last request!"

I like the idea of having freedom to work with minimal supervision, and being asked to think. Sharp.
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gig update

All employees are subject to a 90-day probationary period. If the employee receives a performance appraisal of Satisfactory or better at the end of the probationary period, their salary will be increased. The new hire will be trained to work on the Mainframe applications for two thirds of their time. The other third of the time the work will be performed on Visual Basic and Web based applications.
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From my now removed search engine.

Who was looking for "Hector Heathcliffe's 1960s Theatre's ebola spells"?

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From the palm -

3/25/03 11:04 am
Brother came by this morning to visit for about an hour before I left for work... It was nice... we chatted and window-shopped Ebay. He's much happier now that he has some kind of income. I had to rush out at 11, because we got caught up in gabbing about boogie boards, homies, and mage knight. I'm going to make him some custom homie figs for his army, just for laughs.

11:55 am
Crap... Forgot the camera and goodies again got to bring 'em tomorrow. Crap. Crapitty-crap-crap.

8:42 pm
I'm concerned about my sweetheart working so hard... I don't want her to hurt herself or burn out... I want to do something special for her, but not sure what yet. I'll come up with something.

Started helping Sappho w/inventory this afternoon... Apparently the directors are being weaned from power (a good thing, too, methinks. Kev's got enough on his plate as a director already, and folks already know how effective I think the board has been, at least as far as I can observe) and the new big boss will be coming around in the next few time units to try and get things back on track. I doubt that I'll ever even meet the guy, unless he comes over before Friday. I may tread the ground there once in a while in the future as Kev mentioned that he'll need me as a consultant (at a good fee, too) to take care of a few things here and there, including maintenance of a few of the programs I've written.

I'll be getting my monthly $20 from my sponsored links this week. Natalie is quite happy with the speed I can change them (usually within 5 minutes of getting the changes, if I'm at home, otherwise, it's right as I arrive at the grotto) and she's going to ask if I can get some more links to add to my page. Hey, at $10 a throw, no popups, no porn, and no banners... I'm happy to host as many as she'd like to get for me.
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