March 27th, 2003

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Got a call at the crack of dawn this morning from JKG, a major player in the industry down here. They've got offices in Boca, Miami, and a few other locations... an interesting option if Starmark and the Attorney's office don’t work out for some reason. I suspect the pay will be better at JKG, and the dress code more lax. I still go to TAG training on Monday at 9am, though I think I'll have a better gig than that before the week is out.

Thinking about the concept of souls, and how so many cultures believe in one... though the location may vary. Brain, Liver, Heart, or even sometimes fragmented between those locations and the lungs. Some feel that the lungs house the physical or corporeal soul, it is the liver the houses the spiritual or ethereal soul.

Brings me back to the Bahá'í faith that I was investigating some time back... had I a journal here yet? it was tight around late '99 early 2000 if I recall correctly. While I disagree with a few beliefs of that faith, it is a fascinating group. I have my doubts that people are fundamentally good. It was pointed out to me that if you look at any two year old, you can see that they need to be trained to have acceptable behavior and respect for what's right and wrong.

I disbelieve that physical sickness is a sign of hindrances between soul and body. I can agree that many folks can be spiritually ill, but I don't blame cancer on how the soul is connected to the body. Perhaps I'm wrong there, but the "have faith and heal yourself" Christian Science is another one along those same lines. I feel that positive thinking and faith can *help* the healing process, but if you've got pneumonia, see a doctor. I feel that faith healing can work for some folks... but not many. I think that folks of any faith that have a sick child, and would rather see the kid die than given a flu shot... well, I disagree. A baby can't deny the reality of how sick they are, and I feel that most faith based healing comes from within.

I *do* like the idea that a human being spends nine months in the womb in preparation for entry into this physical life. During that nine-month period, the fetus acquires the physical tools (e.g., eyes, limbs, and so forth) necessary for existence in this world. Similarly, this physical world is like a womb for entry into the spiritual world. Our time here is thus a period of preparation during which we are to acquire the spiritual and intellectual tools necessary for life in the next world. I'm still on the fence about if there is or isn't a next world. I like the concept of our time here being an ever growing and developing time from beginning to end.

They picked good prophets, too. Abraham, Moses, Buddha, Zoroaster, Jesus, Muhammad.... all powerful figures, and folks that anyone can learn from. (and they all have super powers)

Well, I have no idea where that line of talk came from. It emerged stream of thought from my skull.

Or Heart.

Or Liver and lungs.

I get a lot of my feelings from the base of my gut. That's where my BS detector is active. I feel love in my heart, and it spreads from my center to my extremities. When annoyed, depressed, or mentally stressed, it usually hurts my head first, then my heart. I can feel weather changes via a tingle in my back.

My instincts vary. If I go with just the body, and let it go unfiltered through my conscious mind, I feel that my subconscious will put filters of their own on.
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3/27/03 11:07 am

remembered Sappho’s gift today, but I wonder if I missed the bus? If I did, it came a little early because I was here at 11 even.

11:13 am nope... He's late. Just got on.
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One More day at the old place. I told Kev & the Finn that I didn't want a going away party. Kev understood, but I had to spell it out for the Finn... "I don't want my birthday celebrated there... why on earth would I want to celebrate with so many folks that I don't care about?" I'll save my departure party for those folks that I actually care about at the company...of which there are about 10.

Sappho liked her prezzie.... hopefully Shmoe won't mess with the army vehicles.