April 2nd, 2003

travels - where the road leads

Time to unpack my adjectives.

Iraq-o-meter - about it

There you go... clear and to the point.

Take a break from not laughing at the many unfunny April Fool's Day "jokes" on the web, and check out the 100 greatest April Fool's Day hoaxes of all time.

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Today's follow-up interview went so well, I treated myself to a trip to the town center mall, and reflected on Boca Raton. I used to live there. One of my ex-girlfriends still does. It's where they have the TV show the golden girls take place, even though the ex-girlfriend in question is just 33 now. (I last saw her when she was 26. can it have been that long ago?) I wandered over the stomping grounds of three exes today, all told. One's in Utah, now doing who knows what, hopefully managing to get her life in order.. One's happily married in California, really off to a good direction with her life and family, and the last in Boca (as far as I know) and I've no idea what she's up to.

I plan on hearing from JKG sometime quite soon. Hopefully I'll have a gig there by the end of the week. The office is pleasantly close to the Tri-Rail Station.

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Fresh out of the shower, and I think I have a little sunburn, rather than just "color". I can feel the skin is very tight, and just a little tingly.

Kforce called me back, and really really wants me at TAG. I warned them that I'd be jumping ship as soon as anything superior came along (such as JKG, or the other gigs), and the guy was understanding about it, but wants to make his money back for my drug testing, etc. So, while I'm not crazy about he timing, it looks like I'm starting over there this weekend, and may end up missing a chance at hanging out with ldy :(

I guess I'll have to do laundry on Thursday, to be ready. Dang it. Grump, grump.

What I'd really like to happen is for a big gig to call me back tomorrow and ask me to start next week.