April 5th, 2003

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Well! Today was especially nice.

I got to spend the afternoon with my keen littler big sis, ldy, and met grrwoo face to face, too. My eyes are all puffy today, not sure of what caused that. I look forward to Ldy & p-boi's shots of the time there. God gabs, and a tasty lunch of enchiladas and margaritas... I'm still pretty full from a 2pm lunch. We had a nice walk down by the new river, and experienced city parking.

In the mail from JKG when I got home tonight -

Hello Scott,
Great to hear from you. Thank you for the follow up. I'm quite certain that we will be in a position to make you an offer early next week. Hang in there until then. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at any time.

Take care,

That's exceptional news, too. With any luck, I'll get installed over there shortly.

But, until that is solidified, my first 8-8 shift is tomorrow.

Up by 5:30 tomorrow, do the 3 S's
leave 6:40 on Rt 31 n to Atlantic and 441, get to TAG by 7:45.
South to Southgate, west to TAG.TAG 1/4 mile down