April 25th, 2003

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8:51 am
Waiting in the doctor's office this morning... Get to ask about Aetna, back, cpap, skin sensitivity

Disco duck on muzak... Really

Too loud this morning, muzak at about 4 levels too high along with TV in lobby

Battery at 66%-charger not on?

Had to review new HIPAA privacy rules & sign them before treatment.
(PHI) I had to do the same at Eckerd’s yesterday, too

10:14 am
got 5 anti-inflammatory shots, worked fairly.
going to try a TENS unit,
have 4 scrip-
zanaflex 4mg(muscle spasms)
ultracet (pain)
neurontin 300 mg
celebrex 200 mg

Going to pharmacy now.

11:15 am
There are a gazillion jet-black grasshoppers with a yellow stripe running down the back outside. must be mating season! (add link when home)

I also picked up a micro-pet - yuk
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Kind lady

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The world does not owe you a living.

Even if it's been mean to you before, and you think you're due a break, it ain't gonna happen out of some sort of magical instant karma. Especially since I think that you brought a lot of that strife on your own head. Trust me, I think you've pulled enough nonsense lately to get every bone in your body broken, and still be behind in "debt of grace".

If someone that's screwed you over in the past helps you out, say *thank you*, not *well I was due*. Especially if that person is your mother.

You're not too good to work at McDonald's.

You're not too good to shovel shit, if it pays the bills.

Nobody is.

Honest work is something that's a reward in itself. Running around, playing fast and loose, hanging around with folks that take the easy way is just going to get you that much closer to the street. Count how many of your "associates" that have been to jail this year. I know of four off of the top of my head. Some people can pull that kind of lifestyle off, for a little while, anyway. You can't. You don't have the skills. If you think that you do, ask yourself where your apartment is, ask yourself where *anything* of monetary value you once owned is.

Get a real job, even if it's minimum wage. I know that $5 an hour is crap, but it will pay rent, feed you, and keep you out of jail. Moving to another town isn't going to make it easier. If you can't find a job in or around Fort Lauderdale / Miami / Boca, you sure as hell aren't going to find one in Tampa. If the unemployment office is busy, you keep redialing. You sit and wait 8 hours in line, surrounded by people you don't want to be around, if you have to. If you don't have a real job, spend a *minimum* of 8 hours a day looking. You can get a crap job in telemarketing in 5 minutes. while making the money from that crap job, you'll have a roof over your head until you find a job you want. It's called work, because sometimes it's not fun.

You're in the situation you're in because you screwed up. Nobody screwed you over. You made bad decisions. The landlord isn't a jerk for expecting to get paid his rent on time, every time it's due. That's how economy works. It's not your roommate's fault that the rent didn't get paid on time... his name's not even on the lease. Take some responsibility for your screw ups.

You're a big boy. 30 years old. Stop whining, and do something about your life. Stop blaming everyone else but the one person you know is responsible for you life. stop blaming anyone and move on.

I know that seeing other people on easy street seems unfair, but fair isn't part of life. There are a billion people in this world that have is a lot worse, too. Your life is about you, not them.

Don't you dare say I don't understand what it's like, because you know I do. The only person in this world that *owes* you a living is you. Everyone else that helps you is gravy. Appreciate it.

You're a good guy, and if you put your mind to it, you can get your act together. The time for whining is over. In short, get off of your butt, and do what you know is right.
Kind lady


eblots - someone using the palm to make home-grown internet therapy. I wish I'd thought of making the page.. I tired the same thing in my journal a few years back.

Anagram Anything Scottobear = reboot cats (look out, newt!)

Find out what your phone number spells.
Sam Brown's Drawings send him a title, and he'll draw it

How to do stuff / More how to Do stuff

How stuff works

see what folks are searching for on Metacrawler, Lycos, Google and Yahoo.


You are where you live how junk mailers view you.

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