April 29th, 2003

Kind lady

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6:12 am
it looks like i can catch the 625 55 in, and take the 650 22 to tri-rail.

That'll save me 25 minutes in the morning. I'll try it tomorrow.

This morning i help out in production (getting it more accurate and automated.) and then I dig into my new desk... Make sure all the tools i need to get installed and accessible.

Brought an ancient copy of mm with... No zip4ing, but other functionality couldn't hurt.

Note to bring access books for Nadia

6:58 am did they just say train is going to be late?

6:59 nope

3:58 pm altiris client service winky, bring in macro recorder tomorrow to help folk reduce errors.

5:32 pm train soon. I'm very tired, missed lunch today. First meal should be taken sooner than 12 hours after waking

5:37 pm actually headed south at a decent hour. Back's still a bit pinched- anti-inflammatory doesn't seem to be helping much. Got a combination of moods lately... Despair, anger, relief, concern, good fortune, amazement, kind... "I've change my hairstyle, so many times now, I don't know what I look like..."

6:30 - in the door.
Kind lady

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Gossip: The Finn took her Lexus in for service and got a rental. Sometime yesterday someone drove through the parking lot and bashed in the back passenger window to steal a purse she had back there. The purse was empty so she lost nothing. I can't believe someone could do that in broad daylight. They completely shattered the window and no one saw them. She was lucky it was a rental and not her car.

Karma, Karma, Karma.
Kind lady

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Saw MRE on the train this morning.. he seemed the same. His news was that he thinks that the Finn will quit soon, because she hates it there. I was surprised to see him talking smack about the Finn, though.

I doubt that'll happen... I think odds of Chupa quitting to go to work for the main office are better. I should start a pool.

MRE hated it that I pointed out if Kev quit tomorrow, they'd sink, no questions asked. He replied "well, if me and Riker both quit..." He didn't get the point that he was redundant. Kevin is really the only thing holding OPs together... Sappho and Island boy would just leave if any real nonsense caused Kev to stop coming in.

I'm hitting the sack. Early rising again. Night, dear journal.