May 2nd, 2003

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We Don't Need No Stinkin' . . .

Oh, come on. You knew we were going to say it . . .

[Highlander Badger Piper] After an absence of almost 20 years, Highlander Badgers have returned, kicking off the re-release of the Off The Wall Armies line of bizarre fantasy miniatures. Sculpted in 28mm scale, each army features anthropomorphic animal figures with weapons and gear from different historical periods. These figures are the delightfully strange creations of Richard Kerr, who sculpted all the figures and developed the bizarre universe they come from.

The Highlander Badgers are based on the North American badger (Taxidea taxus), with a culture from the 16th- thru 18th-century Scottish Highlands. Currently available are the Sergeant, the Longbowman, the Humbly (Commoner) with Axe, the Bagpiper, and the Chieftain. Future releases for this group will include the Highlander Cavalry and claymore-wielding warriors.

The Highlander Badgers are brought to you by Gray Cat Studios and Steve Jackson Games, and are available exclusively through Warehouse 23.

The entire Off The Wall Armies line will eventually be available again, and Kerr is busy sculpting another generation of great new figures. Armies will be released approximately every other month. The Otterman Empire is due out next, followed by the Semi-Colonials, Something Fishy, the Snakes of Wrath, and Kat-anas.

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Woohoo! Mind you, it's a little misleading. You have to paint 'em yourself (I think that they should show an unpainted model sample too.), but I think they're very cool, if a real challenge, paint wise. They look like a load of fun, and close enough in scale to mage knight to mount on a combat dial.

Examples of unpainted vs. painted from the monsters miniatures page

Also cute are the Pokethulhu miniatures. Who can help laughing and then shrieking in terror at scuttle or jigglypolyp?
scotto monkeypulse

Difference Between Flammable and Inflammable = no difference.

Was on There last night a bit, played 20q with Dan, too. We added armpit, a cat whisker and space junk to the database. It's a fun thing.

I didn't get to chat much There because of numerous social interruptions... but I got some good time in, and a new pirate costume. :)

my three vampire spawn are doing well... I'm surprised that I don't know more LJers that play it.

I shall pass along a good pop-up blocker for those that need it. Even if you don't play online games, it's a nice helper for anyone who surfs much online.

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