May 4th, 2003

scotto monkeypulse

33 1/3 Sammy Davis, Jr. played at 78 sounds like Eartha Kitt.

Talked to Dave, and apparently Cathi is 2 months or so along with baby #2!

Wow. Makes sense. Mayah is able to say "Hi Scotto" on the phone. :) I'm so happy for them!! I'm sorry that I 'm so horked over that I can't go with Dave to See X2 today, though.

Spending a lot of time in There this weekend, scavenger hunt and wonderful folks...found an incredible lost temple area under a canopy which might make an outstanding new place to live.

Regarding my back, Icepacks are my friend.

I hear the Air show again... not as rambunctious or active as yesterday.

Tomorrow's Cinco de Mayo... will that affect city traffic in Ft Lauderdale?
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