May 7th, 2003

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Well, I've set up a club in There for Fans of Orange Cats. Considering the size of the current beta user base, I wonder if that's too specific a topic It matters not, I'm confident that at least a few people will join, and it's nice to have Newtcam accessible through another venture. :)

Going to my first PT tomorrow at 2:00... I hope that they have a whirlpool, and therapists as good as my old one. Man, he whipped me into top shape in nothing flat.

Even though I don't use them as a hosting service anymore I enjoy browsing the photos at Fills my random picture needs nicely.

My being a spokesmodel for D is taking off, and now I also get to augment that now with Whimsy’s Charcoal jersey. The PGM Crew is composed of some truly talented folks. I'm thinking bout making a shipwrecked sailor / tattered guy skin, just to put my hand in, and try it out. Oh, how in need we are of headkerchiefs beards and eye patches there!!
Retromedia - Classic snippets of the part. I'm made nostalgic.

Wubby's a monster that smells like a rat
That's taken a bath in an oversized vat
Of Molding tomatoes and flatulent yaks
Who died months ago and are stuck on their backs.

Boy 'pregnant' with twin brother
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