May 8th, 2003

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First Day Of PT - 2pm at 203

Hopefully FedEx will get my copy of PCAny to me quickly today. Holy cow.. PCAny requires 1.5 gig free on XP to run, as opposed to 30 meg free on 2000. Yet again, I am glad I have 2000.

An asteroid discovered in 1993 has been renamed for the late Fred "Mr." Rogers. Here's the CNN story.

That's just fine, as long as 300 years down the road, there isn’t some Headline reading "MISTER ROGERS BREAKS FREE OF GRAVITY, RUSHES TOWARD EARTH, ASSURING ARMAGEDDON"

menstrualhut is at 997 members.
coloringbook is at 97 members.

I keep hearing good things about X2. I refuse to get my hopes up... that way, if it is good, I'll be pleasantly surprised. I rarely nitpick about things as long as they get a good story out, and keep the powers straight.

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