May 10th, 2003

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God Hates Pringles

The world's precious supply of the beloved snack chip Pringles is threatened as a tornado recently damaged a Pringles factory in Tennessee. The earth's Torengo supply is also at risk. Read the grisly details of the snack tragedy here. I suggest a moment of silence for the beloved reconstituted potato product. In a related story, I'm glad sholanda and her crew are healthy, if very inconvenienced by the weather.

Saturday, Dan-day, at least briefly. He’s doing me a favor by bringing me some groceries and letting me pay him back via check. It's greatly appreciated... saves me a good deal of trouble, and he's pretty busy this weekend.

Poked my nose in there and saw ldysis racing, so I went in there and promptly lost 3 races. :) Good fun anyhow. A jerkie by the name of whatever was really annoying, but the power to teleport away is a wonderful thing to have.

menstrualhut cracked 1000 users this weekend and is now at 1002. hooray for that landmark.... speaking of landmarks, later this month is my lj's 3rd anniversary.

vampire hint scroll shop "Scrollmania", at Kyanite and 84th.
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