May 17th, 2003

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Downloading Matrix reloaded has gotten me -

  1. dumb and dumber

  2. daredevil

  3. 2:30 of a black, silent screen.

  4. some other movie I promptly deleted.

Serves me right for being a dirty pirate. I'll get it yet, though.

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roswell penny 14

Wilson's Password 17a
pusher Correct. Correct. Begin with the letters of this word. Now find clue 17b.

Wilson's Password: 17b
toes Correct: Now add these letters to the end of the string of letters you had from clue 17a. Now find 17c.

put Correct. From the letter string you made in part 17b, remove the letters from this new word. Now find 17d.

her - Wilson's Password 17d
Correct: From the letter string you had at the end of 17c, remove the letters from this new word.


Wilson's Computer
Yes!! The safe pops open and Bob finds inside information that Wilson not only stole the measly bags of money that he found, but he has literally dozens of bank accounts around the world where he has been sending his embezzled loot. The total take is $15,500,000. Bob copies the information onto a disk and hurries to meet you at the gates.

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scotto monkeypulse


Groceries got here on time, in excellent shape and sorted by freezer / fridge / non-cooled / non-food

Everything looks good, I got a lovely bonus of a cool magnetic pen and pad set to track when stuff gets low on the fridge, and the driver was courteous and friendly.

It turns out the delivery charge is $7.95 per order, no matter what the size. I just may stick with this, at least for the major refills.

As it turns out, I don't think I could've planned for any more stuff to go into the freezer... but plenty of room in the fridge.

On different note, Newt vastly prefers his water with an ice cube.