May 18th, 2003

scotto monkeypulse

direct transcript from this morning's dream notebook.

Dreamt of visiting an acquaintance’s house after meeting them at the mall in a store that specializes in selling carved-wood skulls. Something weirdly redundant, as each tooth was a smaller, just as detailed skill... totally recursive in my dream memory. I didn't much like the person I was visiting; it was thought they were a neutral party that suddenly said tat pushed my buttons... I don't recall what was said, though. I do recall trying my best to make friends with them again, and when they agreed I pulled out their teeth (quite painlessly) and replaced them with skull teeth. The regular teeth went into the wooden skulls, which then began screaming.... annoyed, I woke up.
scotto monkeypulse

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My body and mind today are alternately in torpor and then enlivened. I can feel it acting almost as a switch. Hopefully that means my body is in a healing state, and is shutting me down to focus the repair functions. I hope that this means that I’m that much closer to being fully functional soon.

Running around There with D as Velma and Whims as Daphne in the Mystery machine is a hoot. Whims and I pulled good weight together solving the Caldera Chase quest.

I populated There with assorted books. Including a bookhenge... I wonder if it'll become an attraction there?

RIP Miss June Carter Cash
Here's a link to an obituary. I fear that Johnny may not be long for this world after losing the love of his life. The combination of illness and grief is never good and I've often read about the close proximity of death in husbands who lose wives and vice-versa. My deepest sympathies to the man in black.

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