May 19th, 2003

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Happy 3rd birthday to my Livejournal!

I really can't believe I've been using this thing for three years now. The function has changes a little here and there, as have my moods and whims. I've met some wonderful people here, and only encountered a few problem children. It's reaffirmed my faith in humanity, or at least that part of it which is willing to write in electronic format on a regular basis. My personal, private entries have increased, and I've managed to make at least one post a day, averaging at about 3-4. If LJ was removed tomorrow, I think that I'd have at least 4 nice people that I'd be able to stay in contact with, and not see them dissolve completely.

My brother is off on his fishing trip... He'll be back in a week, with some real money in his hand. He sounds like he's off to a good start, and that he knows he needs to get his stuff together… but I'll reserve judgment until later, if at all. I'd like to see him get into an apartment, and clean up his act. We'll see. He's reopened a can of worms with the house thing, and that really should have just been laid to rest years ago.

Note to self, try to do a doodle for - "The person who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones." Hmmm...maybe a series. is an interesting resource for folks interested re: world currencies, inflation rates, power of purchase and minimum wages in the world. (not just the USA.) really handy if you're writing (or running a campaign) in the 1930s, you can assign costs appropriately.

According to this New Scientist article, the first probe specifically designed to explore an asteroid just launched. If all goes according to plan, the Japanese satellite Muses-C will return in 2007 from asteroid 1998 SF 36 with a host of data, including samples.

my vampire clue "The closest shop to here is Discount Magic, right by Regret and 87th. I do wish those damn magic shops would stay still for a while."

I've sired 2 more vampires... who are Liliana and Angelis?

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scotto monkeypulse

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Physical Therapy went well, there is a new girl there, and she seemed to be learning. Apologetic, but I really didn't mind. I think she was just nervous.

Going back Wed 21, 2:30, Thur 22, 2, Tues 27, 2, wed 28, 2 Then to the doctor Thur 29, 1pm, to determine if I can commute to work again, or have more work at home time. I'd like a split setup. Working from home has a lot of appeal, though I can't manage folks without coming in at least a little bit each week.

Bro doesn't launch until Wednesday, rather than today... that's good, it means I'll get a chance to see him again once or twice before he takes off.

Severe weather alert. I made it inside just in time! Collapse )

I'm still holding steady at 21 on the lj top 40.
#21 out of as of this writing - I wonder what causes mine to skew higher than say, ana or brads? The only other journals (non-communities) I even recognize are cortana, insomnia, and lizvang.

I'm impressed the average Ljer is now of legal age to vote in the usa.(She's also a female with a free account, living in California, and usually updates via the web.)

I don't own a LiveJournal T-shirt... I wonder if anyone who's bought one has gotten it yet. Are they beefy t's? Are they cheaply made?

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