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May 24th, 2003

The Yale bombing is interesting to me... perhaps there were more rare books in the collection than rare law books...

Something else: while I keep hearing about a large fireball, I've not seen any news reports mentioning shrapnel.

The news media might be using "pipe bomb" as a generic term for an improvised explosive device (IED). A traditional pipe bomb is made from a metal pipe (go figure) and almost always leaves some of the pipe intact. See: http://www.cnn.com/US/9607/27/pipe.bomb.explain/ for an explanation.

Shrapnel is well known, of course: http://www.unioncountynj.org/police/bomb.htm
"A pipe bomb can easily kill someone who is 300 feet away from the explosion because it will throw many pieces of shrapnel in all directions. "

So... you could have an IED composed of a paper towel tube with explosive filler and timing mechanism. There would be some blast damage, but no shrapnel. Even if people are nearby there is a good chance they will survive. I wonder why I've not seen more about the Yale bomb in LJ?

The Kiwano is a delicious fruit, contrary to what some might tell you. Hooray for the exotic fruit finder!

The wonderful thing about veggie corn dogs is that the originals really didn't need the .00000000017 grams of meat to taste like regular tasty corn dogs and they go great with a side of kiwano salad.

Note, that they no longer use the starlink corn, though I was eating them at that time, too, and didn't suffer for it.
I can't seem to get a doodle idea to gel re: "The person who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones." it' sounds easy, but maybe I'm gazing too deeply into it.

I crave me a jacuzzi, I do, I do.

I'm enthusiastic about this coming week with regards of going back to work, though I'm still having some trouble getting around.

D and I both won more cool stuff in There last night, at the Beta rollover party.. a pair of red boots and a board that looks like a swarm of bees... *very* cool. I'm getting a PSD to do my own custom buggy, just for the heck of it. Whimsy has her "Whimsical" and D has her Spider-car... what would I do? I'm debating as yet.. a pod? something that says Scotto.. .I'm not sure. A Newton hood ornament?

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