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May 26th, 2003

Today is Memorial Day in the United States, a national holiday set aside to remember those who gave their lives in defense of freedom.

Thanks to 'em all. I appreciate it.

Freak Wind Causes Maine Building CollapseCollapse )

There is going to be down, until 3pm Wednesday for revisions and updates into the 3rd beta. I know quite a few people that will miss it while it's down, myself included. I got Gmax and 3ds to work with Whimsy's help, so I'll get a chance to work on models in the meantime, anyhow.

A famous monk once said, 'I don't always know what the right thing to do is, my Lord, but I think that the fact that I want to please you, pleases you.'"

Superhero factoid TVCollapse )

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The Castrati

Skeletor and Gang - wonderful videos.

The dance contests, especially, though the others have fun ones, too.
SAG14: The Rigorous Shindig
He-Man, Roboto and good King Randor are celebrating their reunion! Oh no! Man-At-Arms is wounded! Where is Teela? Skeletor is the obvious villain! A hard party ensues filled with shock and awe!

Much fun, and far too close to my childhood playtime than can be safely related here.
#6 is way up there for me.
Skeletor and He-Man cannot fight everyday! They are having a contest of dance! Poor He-Man, Roboto cannot dance very well! Oh no! Don't be jealous, He-Man! (the music choices make this one)

Side note: I most resemble Grizzlor.

Another side note: Subway should never have chosen a word like chipotle to use on television.

The word is pronounced with a way over-heavy "muy ethnic-o" accent next to bland (though equally exuberant) non-Spanish sounding text.

Chipotle is not a word to use in text ads, either... the word just looks typoed.

Random Scotto factoid: I used to have a colossal crush on Joan Cusack. Quirky, geeky-smart, slightly scattered, yet cute redhead. (at least, she played characters like that.) My crush for her dissolved the instant I knew she was married in 1993. (but I still dig the type)

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