May 27th, 2003

Newtie Yawn

Infinity is where you transfer from one parallel line to another.

Candy bar cross-sections, and cross-sections in general.

I would *really* like for someone to make me a couple of grilled cheese sammiches and hot tomato soup. Not going to happen, but I've got bagels which are good follow up comfort food. I also have an urge to go to the Morikami and take in the vibe there. I'm long overdue. I dreamt last night of being picked up dozens of times and being thrown against a wall or the ground with great force… I don’t remember the hows or whys, just being gathered up and thrown.

Working on a devkit to do direct xml export to the web from Postalsoft... we'll see how that goes.

Insanely cool 360 degree panoramas from around the world.

I want to build my own hut.

A year ago - Memorial Day, documentation, Jakushitsu, Animal crackers, flash & the elongated man, sleeping late with a cat, what's better. (First appearance for the Newton-yawn icon)

two years ago - nice dreams, four legs good, two legs bad, saw Shrek, first mobile entry from the laptop

three years ago - I'd not yet committed to daily entries here.

LJ is down once again...
LJ! It sucks like a drowning nymphomaniac and my testes are filled with wonderful, life-giving oxygen.
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I've deleted membership cacklefans community... they added me without my request or permission.

possible TOS violations are - XVI, sec 9, 11, and I've reported them to abuse. (9700+ members added in under a day? C'mon. I wonder if they used a program to add folks, and that's what helped to crash lj earlier?)

I'm fascinated by the world as a blog you can see folks post entries and watch them light up the globe (which shows day/night real-time.)
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candy from the hidden city

On several occasions I have come across this candy, called "Surreals." They tend to turn up as a single bag on the shelf in less-traveled Miami drugstores, and I always buy them, because they are odd, but quite tasty. (They are kind of like a round Kit-Kat. with chocolate and wafers mixed in together.)

surreal candy

So I decide to look them up, and of course they are from a Brazilian company, Garoto. I guess they don't have much US market penetration, since their website is only available in Portuguese. But thanks to the miracle of Google I can read the site in a strange, surreal translation.

"Surreal Peanut. It tries this newness!"

In other news, the rain has begun again, and I grow sleepy.
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