May 28th, 2003

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Will the sun never shine again? Rainy rain rain!

It feels like someone stole my body while I slept and replaced it with a forgery.

Bro came by this morning (at about 7-7:30) to say hi, and we chitty chatted a bit about his recent travels. He seems to be doing well, and looks like he has a summer agenda ironed out for working by the water. Maybe doing a month-long expedition to Mexico. He was really industrious when he was here... he helped out a lot with the trash and etc as we gabbed. I hope he's staying on a solid path.

Tomorrow I go to the doctor and hopefully regain access to physical therapy. I'm still hurting enough to want treatment. I think more detrimental than my pain is are the effects of getting so little sleep. I can see my performance and cognitive skills suffering as a result this morning.

I see that the little pencil icon is back on my friend's list page. Fun big pile of current LJ issues, if you're wondering what's needing to be addressed...check the yellow box., I knew about /. and Juno.

Bubba Ho-tep is at a nearby theatre. That, I've got to see. (I missed it in march)

Random Scotto factoid: I actually use the following expressions with great regularity - Oh My Ears and Whiskers (Replaced Oh, My Stars and Garters), Zoinks!, Great Rao!, Crumbs.

nomi scared me with this picture of a monkfish.

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Danny got a letter of character assassination and outright lies sent about him form the parent of one of his students.

This girl's father (a lawyer) wrote a letter to Danny's boss, which was so god awful that Danny had to share it with me.

I will, in fact put the letter in its entirety behind a cut, edited only to keep folks names from being used. Italics will be my commentary.

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When the Parent-Teacher-staff meeting was held on Friday, the Principal, in his own words, "Tore the parent a new asshole." Danny was vindicated, and got an apology from the parent, which was accepted.

[addendum] Principal opened the meeting by saying that he's been in education for 38 years and that this is the most inappropriate letter he'd ever seen.
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sure, I'll play your little meme game!

but first...

oh, and my vampire children?

The barman says "Pssst. Empaths Guild 1 is right next to Flint and 44th today. I don't know how much longer it will be there, though."

nomi 98%
applelard 95%
kellwood 91%
chuck_lynn 91%
lost_lethe 87%
dstroy 87%
peradouro 87%
tarpo 85%
cath555 85%
latraviata 84%
sandstar 84%
missv 76%
littleheaven 76%
reacted 73%
shoo 72%
jadesramblings 72%
cider 65%
twinstar 61%
angellam 54%
How compatible with me are YOU?
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Aww... Monkfish!

The monkfish earlier has drawn me to reading more about the beastie. This thing is maybe the ugliest thing to come out of the sea, and thus I have a soft spot in my heart for it.

Monkfish Fun Facts:

  • Monkfish have been reported to eat prey nearly one-half their size, as well as capture water birds at the surface.

  • Monkfish are sometimes known as "allmouth" since the fish is mostly head and the head is mostly mouth. AKA Goosefish, Anglerfish, Lophius americanus

Practically a Muppet-monster!
Julia Child and Monkfish

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