June 2nd, 2003

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you should listen to birds.

Ugh, can't sleep. Back’s tweaking up for me big time, and it'll be a while before meds kick in.

Changed icon to The Thing as Blackbeard, at least for a bit. It sums up how I feel about things as a whole. Things aren't the best by a long shot, but there are certainly some elements that I am surely growing fonder of as the days pass.

Occupying my time with Character Studio 4 tonight. Holy cow. It's fun... you get a sharp little armature configuration, slap on a musculature, and twiddle for some great creature effects and design goodies. (I would be painting miniatures, but I can just step away from this immediately if sleepy time effects start to kick in.)

Read this amazing story about a 1930s pulp adventure film that's being shot entirely with blue screens -- not a single set, just a few props and the actors in costume. The story and style sound like something I'd dig I just hope it all works out.

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Note to self -

  • Check direct deposit

  • Call Francesco re:rent

Sweet pics from the hellboy movie... abe sapien looks really impressive.

my vampire is getting behind on his blood sucking...his most active offspring is only about 300 pints behind, and closing fast. (The others are growing at a more reasonable rate)

A year ago - Apartment Shopping, world's smallest website, markers defeat cd protection, sum of all fears, coming home fumigation, smile creators,

two years ago - SWAT Team visits my apartment, prompting me to move.

three years ago - Newt recovers from Fritzs Parasite, and I discover Imood.com

Well, I'm about ready to try for sleep again. Until next time, dear journal.
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Unknown man dies after life with stolen identity

Last July, a man identified as Joseph N. Chandler committed suicide in his apartment. It turned out he had stolen the identity of an 8-year-old boy who was killed with his parents in a 1945 car crash near Sherman, Texas.

The impostor was described by police as a loner in his 60s.

"We don't know what or who he was hiding from or who he really was," police Detective Lt. Tom Doyle said.

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Paid another Month's worth of rent. (Even though in theory, June is my last month here, and I've paid first last and security.) I don't know if I'll be out of this place by the end of this month, but by the end of July, surely.

I sort of miss going to the library lately. I wonder what Boynton is looking like, these days? I hope to See Doug online sometime soon and chat him up for a bit.

Brother got a new cell phone after his 2-day-old other one was demolished in a cycling accident, also plowing his face into a pole. no lost teeth or broken nose, but the kid has wiped out more times on his bike than I can count. I'm beginning to think that it's a good thing that he doesn't have a larger vehicle to crash. He's got Metro PCS now, so he can use it all day over the tri-county area without time charges. I may go to that service too, if the next area has cable-modem access. (How I've held out this long from getting a cellular is a miracle, though.)

Wet Washcloth origami. (how to appears next to them)

Your Brain Usage Profile

Auditory : 53%
Visual : 46%
Left : 56%
Right : 43%

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Feel free to try the mindedness test
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