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June 3rd, 2003

isketch - online pictionary?

New Skeletor and Gang.
SAG15: Cooking with Grizzlor
Hairy Chef Grizzlor is manager of restaurant! He invites boss Skeletor to have a snack! Whatever will he cook? Uh oh! Skeletor is having issues with his bowel movements! Surely Grizzlor is the one to blame!

Not the best of them, but still nifty.

Super Heroes named Scott that I can think of.

  • Golden age Green Lantern (Alan Scott)

  • Mr. Miracle (Scott Free)

  • Antman (Scott Lang)

  • Cyclops (Scott Summers)

(I won't bother going into the Wold Newton family of heroes)

idea swiped from a private journal - 10 things I like, in no particular order

I Like waking up naturally and at my own pace
I Like reading, snuggled under covers
I Like being up-front about things, knowing trivia, secrets, and being nosy
I Like giraffes,
I Like hanging out with nice people, exchanging ideas, feeling of laughter and common jest
I Like having Newt sleep next to me, purring
I Like to be complimented on doing something well (by someone I respect)
I Like fresh key lime pie, baking bread, and orange tofu
I Like the terms "bum's rush", "Mickey Finn", and "dumbass"
I Like the sound of the beach, banjo music, techno, wind chimes and citar.(preferably *not* all at once.)

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I was just talking about Oz last night.

Hey, you know what this is? It's some sort of big freaky, ugly scarecrow action figure, courtesy of MacFarlane Toys.

Okay, and hey, this here's some sort of horrific lion man.

And this thing? This thing seems to be some sort of clumsy robot/cyborg/metal dude thingie...

Hey, wait a moment - a scarecrow, a lion and a metal guy? These couldn't possibly be Wizard of Oz figures, could they? I mean, if they were, they'd still need a Wizard of some sort, and this steampunk'd fop certainly couldn't be it. I mean, what would that make Toto, some sort of sloppy carnivore roughly the size of a show pony? It couldn't be.

Okay, what's the worst part of this, exactly: MacFarlane aping American McGee for the cheap "Ooooh, childhood memory turned dark" pop, or just the idea of a dark, sinister Wizard of Oz in the first place? Oh, or wait, I forgot one: Dorothy in bondage. You heard me. Comes with horrible mutant Munchkins. Someone remind me to hate MacFarlane later on today, okay?

Sources: 411mania.com, seebelow & calamityjon

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