June 4th, 2003

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Personally, I prefer Orange Newton
Newton's Fruit Chewy mix up

Brother went to the emergency room for a cat scan and a general evaluation for his fall off of the bike the other day. He called me from the ER, and sounds ok; he was having a smoke break outside. Apparently he's been having nausea and headache and he should've gotten a stitch or two. Looks like he'll have another battle scar.

I found out that Tony's gone form bad to worse, and he's got a second kid on the way. I feel sorry for Caroline... she had her own problems to fix (kicked Heroin, well before this baby, thank goodness) and now Tony's on the C-pipe. Great father figure, T... Jobless crackhead.

My health is progressing well, though I've still not heard back from the workman's comp folks regarding PT. if I don't hear today, I'll do my annoying iron fist technique on them tomorrow. Believe me, you don't want to piss ol' Scotto off, especially if he's wounded.

Looks like I fell off of the LJ top 40... I don't know how I dropped 20 places, but gone I am! so much for my six week streak. I still have no idea what the criteria are. I still nose over and check to see if anyone I know is there.

Going with Danny on Friday to see a movie. Hulk, X2 or Finding Nemo (Nemo's the highest on my priority list, but he's already seen it.)

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Wow. So it's about $1000 a person. I bet this'll be all over the news here and there, too. That $50,000 investment will probably get them all sorts of press conferences and public recognition. Best advertising possible.
Pirate... Yar!

via sandstar - Kraft offer -A box of our latest products worth $30 will be delivered right to your door, and all you pay is shipping and handling ($4.99). Fill your cupboard with the latest Kraft products from brands you know and trust: Nabisco, Planters, and many others.

Mine is on the way. $5 for that loot works for me. Let's see how long the shipping takes.

FIA got hoverboats yesterday... D has a pink-bunny boat, Sluggo a blue-green sort of camo, and a rather graphite with yellow highlights for myself.

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