June 5th, 2003

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Bollywood night tonight, and every Thursday night this month on TCM... Forum is a fun place to go see them on the big screen. I still snicker when I hear the name "Mehboob Khan"... but I laugh at Englebert Humperdinck and Dick Butkis.

Still up in the air what Danny and I will do tomorrow...I'm hoping we get lunch and a show… I *really* want a good conversation with him. The last couple of times on the phone have pooped out.

Well, Gay Days in Orlando starts tomorrow. The one week in the summer where Orlando is mobbed again. My only problem with Gay Days at Disney is that WDW is a kid’s park at heart, and a lot of heavy public displays of affection are going on. I don't think handholding or hugging is too bad, but anytime sexuality issues of any sort are put in the mix, there are bound to be folks who abuse it. (I know that firsthand from Grad Night... fortunately the park was closed to kids that evening.)

I'm overdue for a visit... I think the last time that I went was shortly before I started this Journal. (May 5, I think). I was disappointed to hear that the Diamond Horseshoe Saloon Revue was nixed this year. It's surprising, because they always pack 'em in, from what I remember.

Speaking of Disney... The Haunted Mansion movie looks like it's going well so far.

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Kind lady

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Random thought:

Cap'n Crunch / Spongebob tie in. The cereal is yellow and square already, with a nautical theme.
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