June 6th, 2003

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Long, lovely day with Danny.. Hobbit pub, lots of talking and carrying on. :)

brief piccies from today -
calling the hobbit pubgesticulating
tinkle-pig! still on our tripnewtcam
The hobbit loungeGandAlf. (The shirts there spelled it GandOlf

DARPA is still on the cutting edge. This time they're slicing through that thin veil of your privacy with the proposed LifeLog. Their site calls it "an ontology-based (sub)system that captures, stores, and makes accessible the flow of one person s experience in and interactions with the world in order to support a broad spectrum of associates/assistants and other system capabilities." Of course, the people the LifeLogger is reporting on just might see it differently. The story in Wired calls it "an all-seeing, ultra-intrusive spying program."

Well, now we're just splitting hairs.
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