June 14th, 2003

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How sophisticated have video game consoles become? Researchers have linked 70 or so Playstation 2s in series and created a supercomputer.

No, really. Check out the CNet story for the details.

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Travel hint for those in Miami, via the hidden city - Coco's

There's a little Cuban restaurant, Coco's Coffee Shop. It's an institution, having been in the same hole in the wall location for over 20 years. As in common in Miami there's a sidewalk window, where you can walk up and get a quick shot of Cuban coffee for 50¢ (including the tip). Inside it's cramped and utilitarian, with cheap plastic tablecloths and silk flowers on the two-person tables, and the ubiquitous Formica counter where the regulars sit and gossip and sip their cortaditos. One wall is dominated by a gigantic painted menu, but I don't think it's been updated in the last ten years. You can always tell when someone new comes in, because they'll spend time looking at the wall for inspiration, and wondering why there aren't any prices listed. It's the only menu in the place.

Coco and her husband will try to help you out if you look confused, but it really isn't a place for tourists. There's a small chalkboard with today's specials listed (en Español, of course), and they'll translate it for you if needed, but beyond that, you're on your own. You can get all the usual Cuban coffee shop fare, so just ask for something you've had before and odds are good you'll be fine.

In exchange for this no-frills dining experience, you get deals it's hard to beat: a large Cuban sandwich—roast pork, ham, cheese, and pickles on crusty Cuban bread, pressed flat and heated through— and a tiny cup of extremely strong, extremely sweet Cuban coffee, for $5 including tax and tip. (Vegetarians my have trouble. vegans even more so. It is Cuban fare, after all... I think that they'd make the napkins of pork, if it were possible and sanitary.)

I love places like Coco's, which will never end up in Zagat's or reviewed in the Miami Herald, but which have character, local flavor, and great food and at really great price.

Any place like that in your neighborhood?

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Today's events

Random photos of Danny drinking a Red Stripe, and a creepy back storage area near the bathrooms, under the plaza during our people watching / chat making time. I am glad we chose to talk rather than to see "A Mighty Wind." (I do want to see it, but can watch Mockumentaries from the comfort of home.) I had trouble going up and down stairs with my back, especially up.

Danny Drinking a red stripespooky Hallway!

We spent much of the day discussing dreams, teaching, the passers-by, and old days of superhero gaming…his fellow, "Man of Iron", my own miniMAX and realizing that we have total blanks for the majority of the other characters in the games. (We remember Ray's NPCs, Kathleen's PCs... but the Wus and Tony are sort of invisible to memory.) We went down a list... FOCUS, Z-Squad, Mercenaries, Paladin Station, the 60's game. Topic of Tony came up, someone I've not given a thought to in a number of years. Silver Hammer was the only guy we could remember of his at all. Overall, I think FOCUS was the most memorable of the social game-times.

I got home, and it turned out my Brother's Hand was very swollen... he was bitten by something, It seems. He had to go to the ER, put on an antibiotic IV, and have minor surgery to correct / drain / disinfect it. He’s now wrapped in a large bandage and a palm-brace, His antibiotic 'scrip cost over $100, ... I think it'd be cheaper for me if I bought and paid for his insurance. He seems to be doing well now, thank goodness, and the scar from his last tumble is barely visible anymore.
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