June 16th, 2003

Newtie Yawn

milk, soda, purple stuff...Hey, Sunny D!

Had a good time role-playing a nightmare mix of “Dukes of Hazzard”, “Magnum PI”, “MacGuyver”, and old movie serials involving drunken sharks / killer robotic bees. No, really. I won't even mention Beowulf being a big milk baby and having stinky diapers.

I need to dig up a transcript of the whole thing, and save it in my journal so that it doesn't get lost. I haven't laughed that hard in an age.

Talked to Todd Today about getting Adobe distiller on my machine.. it seems like a lot of work to have to go through to print items to a file, but if it works, it works.

I never remember to send out the check on the 15th... I'm glad that Silverman calls me on the day after, to remind me.


Newton, the Prince of Cute Orange Cats, wants me to point out that Abbie the Cat is a very funny writer. "He isn't as literate as I am, but then again, I applaud his willingness to get his paws dirty and type his own entries, instead of just making his human servant take dictation."

He also wishes to make it clear that while he admires Abbie, he is not a part of his posse. He does, however, plan to offer Abbie a position in his court once he takes over the world. (I am delighted that I will have a place in his New Furred Order.)

Skeletal rag doll... be sure and turn on the sky if you've got a good processor

Runaway Train! - Orisinal's games are always a pleasure on the eyes.

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