June 20th, 2003

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No Danny today, but probably Lunch on Saturday. Project #2 is coming to a close for me... a large Net-meeting with bigwigs first thing Wednesday morning to go over what I've cooked up for them so far. I'm hoping that they'll be pleased.

Today's Island Boy's last day at my old gig... If corporate HR had been a little more responsive about his raise, they'd probably still have him. Ah well, I hope he's happier at his new gig with Tuan. Saturday is Erica's B'day.

Dan's talking to a Mortgage broker about getting a new deal on his place, and his wife's feeling the stresses of starting her own business. (I dare not mention the rule of "don't expect a profit for at least 2 years" to her, or even Danny. It might dash their hopes even more.)

A few days ago I mentioned Orrin Hatch and what he said about illegal downloading. As it turns out, he's one of them himself!

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Orrin Hatch: Software Pirate?
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Back from PT. Looks like I had a power outage. All of my non-autorun files are closed. I'm glad that my developer's environment auto saves every 10 minutes now. I got lucky... I thought my appointment was at noon, but it was really at 11... I must've gotten my schedules mixed up somehow. Fortunately, they had a cancellation... good thing, too… because although it's just across the way, rain is coming down in big, thick, heavy drops. Walking with a Crutch on one hand, and an umbrella in the other is no easy feat. It's been coming down hard for a little while now... drainage is becoming an issue. The flowerboxes around my south and east windows are totally flooded, as is the side walkway and rear alley. I hope all of the lizards from yesterday are safely in the trees. Biggest problem about crossing the street was the gutters full of overrun. Puddles about ankle deep and three feet across at the narrows... and I'm not in a condition to go stomping or pole-vaulting over them. According to - Weather conditions at N4HHP-1
Last report received 10 minutes 25 seconds ago Wind from 138 degrees @ 5 MPH Temp 82 Humidity 72% Rain last 24 hours 41.01 inches
41 inches in 24 hours! Gadzooks! Collapse )courtesy of the Sun-Sentinel webcam