June 21st, 2003

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Happy Solstice!

Back from seeing the Hulk... It wasn't too bad, but could've been Edited a bit, and the paternal issues reworked. The Fights with the army were well done, Actors a little flat with a few exceptions. (I Never thought that I'd take General Ross's POV). the "super night fights" were a little too dark, and there were a lot of wacky scene changes. I'd give it a 5/10. it could've been edited and cleaned to a 7 I think.

Before the Hulk, Danny and I had a little lunch at Boston Market, and Chitty chatted about nothing in particular. I'm glad that he brought me a few boxes to pack goodies into.

Brother just called me up and said he needed to talk to me... and looking at my call waiting, he's been calling me hourly. He's supposed to be coming over so we can discuss whatever is bothering him. My hindbrain cynically suspects it's just a beg for money. My forebrain fearfully hopes that's the only problem he has. Meanwhile.. I get to sweat it out a bit and worry while I wait for his arrival.
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Apparently, bro got picked up in his bosses' truck, and the boss had outstanding warrants. So, bro doesn't have pay for today, or money to stay at the hostel tonight. To add insult to injury, his pack was in the car when it was impounded, and his pack taken (when he was asked...he said nothing in the car was his, because he thought the office was referring to the beer in the car, and didn't want to go back on what's he said for fear of pissing off the cop. Now, if he wants to get the bag with his phone charger, toiletries, and 4 sets of clothes, he has to go to the jail, fill out forms, get his boss to sign it, and get it notarized.

Meanwhile he came by here to get fresh clothes from his stores, and chat for a bit. I gave him enough money for another night at the hostel. I feel that he was telling me the truth. If it were for something illicit, he'd have asked for more money.

So. That trouble is over with, for now.