June 26th, 2003

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I call the cat Tiny, because he's my Newt.

I slept really poorly last night, despite hitting the sack early. (or is it because?) I'm feeling very "heavy in the face"... puffy, I guess? I was quite groggy for about 10 minutes after getting up, and really didn't get wakeful until after my shower.

Harrison Ford finger-pointy gallery.

A parody on the ending of every 80s movie ever made. 6 min.

via ben peek-
funeral procession

it looks like there is a ghostly procession of mourners, forever showing their devotion. (Mark Twain in the box)

"CASTRILLO DE MURCIA, Spain - A man dressed as the devil leaped over babies lying on mattresses on Sunday as the small Spanish town of Castrillo de Murcia held its traditional Corpus Christi celebrations.

While many people across Spain celebrate the Catholic festival with processions and mystery plays, this northern Spanish town has for centuries chosen to protect its young from evil spirits with this unusual ritual.

Dressed in a red and yellow costume, the man representing the devil was pursued around the town by a Catholic priest -- leaping over the babies in his flight while the anxious parents stood nearby.

In all, he vaulted over around 20 mattresses each holding four or five babies.

It is believed that the devil, known as El Colacho, draws all the evil from the children and leaves them cleansed. Parents bring their children from all across the northern region of Burgos to participate in the ritual."

Sausage Sculpture

They show close ups of the sausage people at the site. The Hot Dog shark reminds me of Turbo and Drunko, twin brother robots who fight alongside the bikini eating bees.

via seebelow - Steve Ditko's Objectivist Comic Books
And like a real life Howard Roark from Rand's The Fountainhead; who chose to work in a quarry rather than compromise his vision, Ditko simply walked away from Marvel.
So, um, does that mean Stan Lee is Peter Keating?

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Supreme Court wisely rules that you can't legislate morality and that privacy between consenting adults is a-ok as the Texas sodomy law (that applies to homosexuals only) is struck down. Ruling invalidates other remaining sodomy laws on the books.

Well! Florida will now legally allow noncoital sex! Strictly, onanism counts, but that common usage was dropped not too long after St. Peter Damain coined the term in the 11th century. I know that oral does as well as the more commonly recognized anal. (I've heard it used to describe bestiality, though I doubt that's legal.) I'm not gay, but those laws applied to me too, given that I'm happy to have nerve endings.

See more legalese, here

Beta version 2.0 of the Google toolbar is out, including blogging tools, an auto-form filler, and a pop up stopper.

My daily photo log has been added to my bio page...I'm not sure for how long. If I use it 3 or 4 more times I'll start contributing the registration fee to it.

Scroogle community apparently didn't read my bio page when it added me along with about 700 other uses. A minor pain in the ass. I've unsubscribed myself, and sent a little text message to the listed phone. The down side is that I might've enjoyed reading it if I hadn't been spam-added. To his credit, he IMed me back right away and apologized, and was nice enough about it. He claimed to have added my page because he liked the design, but that's most likely a load of crap. if he'd taken any interest and read the first thing that comes up on my bio page, he'd have known proper procedure.

I'm getting more Harry potter Spam in my email filter now, and fewer Mortgage or Penis enlargement.

New meeting scheduled for Tuesday morning for the XML import upgrade and Tradeshow database. It'll be good to get Mark, Tom and myself all on the same page... I imagine that they'll come up with some options and usability features that I've not thought of including so far. The xml is really, at its heart just a set of user macros that automates the existing procedure, and takes care of some of the more common errors.

New Ren & Stimpy Episodes on TNN tonight at 10:pm, then some annoying sounding other cartoons, and Then, more ren & stimpy at 11:30. Tricky going against Family guy, and adult swim on the cartoon network. Weirdly, it seems that by looking at it, all TNN has right now is Real TV from 9am to 6:30 pm, then some misc junk, then ren & stimpy. They need to buff out the roster some. I wonder why it's going under its third incarnation. The "star trek and duke boys" channel didn't work out? I know Nickelodeon owns it, too… maybe slap a few more cartoons in there?
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