July 9th, 2003

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Ugh... trolls. Don't they realize that they serve no purpose, and are always rubbed out in the end?

Wipe them out. All of them.
"Wipe them out... All of them."

I really wonder sometimes what causes people to lash out, online. Immaturity and some sort of bully complex are probably the biggest reasons. You have to wonder who wasted an authorization code for them, and if it can be tracked back.

There was a great deal of little nit-noids and niggling speedy-code this morning and yesterday... I'm glad, though, because it mixed things up a bit for me, and gave me a chance to cleanse my palate before returning to Niggling code, work reason? I wonder what's bringing the onrush in, lately? New Clients? CSRs testing to see what they can get? Either way, I've done a good job and in record time.

Oh dear... Naughty hulk! (Probably work safe, unless your boss doesn’t like stuffed animals with a little extra felt where it counts.) The expression on Leah's face is priceless.

At a park in Ohio, all you need to hunt for fossils is a bucket and a willingness to get dirty. Here's the CNN story. Man, and I thought the peace river was fossil-rich! I want a trilobite!


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